As some of you may know, Sunday is not only my wife’s 30th birthday, but her very first Mother’s Day as well.  I had something in mind that I was going to get for her to commemorate both, but she told me she wanted to get a tattoo for it, so that’s what we did today.  We dropped Milly off at Nick and Amy’s a little after 5:00 and went to Port City Tattoo.

The work probably took no more than 15 minutes and it was a design Amanda came up with herself.  It’s a little lady bug with the letters MJ above it on the outside of her left foot.  It’s pretty cute, I think.  And in case you’re not sure what all that means, MJ stands for Meliamae Jane, the reason Amanda gets to celebrate Mother’s Day, and the ladybug is because Milly’s nickname is Bug.

Milly herself was very good today.  She was happy and very conversational.  Early on she was playing with Bruce’s collar, so Amanda took it off of him and gave it to her, and she kept it with her the entire day.  She wouldn’t let go of it and even took a nap with it.  I could hear any time she was making her way down the hall because she was grasping it tightly in one hand and the tags jingled every time she took a crawling step.

Her good mood ended at Nick and Amy’s.  They said she was fine until their baby, Eli, got up and started crying.  They tried to give her a nap, but she was even louder then.  When we got there she was okay for a minute but then started a pitiful cry.  It actually sounded like the type of cry that sends me and Amanda from our bedroom to the guestroom on the opposite floor and end of the house from the nursery some nights, which made us think that maybe she’s teething.

Milly was mostly okay after we fed her though.  We did that a few minutes earlier than usual then let her play for a bit before putting her to bed.  She was very upset when we did that and she cried for a little while, but she eventually fell asleep.

When Milly and Eli were both asleep we adults played Puerto Rico.  Amy won pretty convincingly and Amanda and I tied for second (even tying on the tie-breaker, which was who had the most dubloons), but Nick wasn’t too far behind.

Zach Dotsey