David and Travis Wear (not sure which is which) are transferring out of Chapel Hill | Image used for personal blog
You won't see these guys in those uniforms anymore.

I read a rumor last night that UNC’s David and Travis Wear were seeking to transfer out of Chapel Hill.  Actually, I read a rumor about it a week or so ago, but nothing seemed to come of it until it resurfaced last night and then it was confirmed this morning.  I have mixed feelings about it.

In the short term, it’s pretty fun to think about.  Carolina will only have two guys whose natural positions are in the post- Tyler Zeller and John Henson.  Zeller has yet to go a full season without a major injury and Henson is as thin as a fishing pole, meaning that while I’m sure he’ll get some nasty blocks with those Dhalsim-like long arms of his, he’ll also get pushed around a fair bit.  Other players will have to slide over from their natural positions to sub in for them.  On top of all that, they won’t have anyone of appropriate size to play against in practices.  So in the short term I think it hurts the Heels.

In the long run though, it opens up two scholarships that were being eaten up by some, let’s be honest, mediocre players.  It allows Roy Williams to get out there and recruit some more real studs, which will obviously be beneficial down the road.  I’ve read, however, that he’s already out trying to find a player to take a spot though, so, since it’s really late in the recruiting period, he may go ahead and burn one of those schollies on a Band-Aid.

Another counter-point is that the guys already had a year of experience playing for Carolina and were projected four-year players, so it’s likely that by their senior year they’d have turned into experienced role players.  But oh well.

This apparently blindsided the coaching staff, and while their reason for transferring hasn’t been publicized it’s thought that they just weren’t happy there at Carolina.  There are talks of cliques having formed and within the team and such, and this isn’t the first I’ve heard of disgruntled Tar Heels basketball players.  I know a guy whose kid went to school with Leslie MacDonald who told me that he’s been unhappy and there was a lot of talk of Larry Drew II (I don’t know why it’s mandatory to put the II on there) transferring as well.  I read a couple places on the Carolina message board that nobody was overly interested in taking him though, so he’s staying at the Hill.

Fans and players both have been throwing the Wears under the bus for letting this news out so late that it’s going to be nearly impossible for Carolina to find a replacement for them.  Henson, who has said some pretty stupid things on Twitter in the past anyway, was either joking on them a good bit or was blasting them, and he was joined by Drew until Deon Thompson publicly told them to cut it out.  Hey Deon (don’t miss!), way to show some senior leadership now that your basketball-playing eligibility has expired.  (But seriously, good for you for telling those idiots not to air that stuff on a public forum.)

I’m enjoying it for now.

Amanda’s decided what she wants for her birthday and Mother’s Day, which is a tattoo of a (lady)bug on her foot with MJ (for Meliamae Jane, if you didn’t know).  I guess I won’t be getting her the other thing I was going to get her, which is probably good because it was likely out of the range of what we should be spending right now anyway.

At any rate, we went out to Port City Tattoo to see about it, but they were all booked up for the day.  The guy Amanda talked to said they close at 9:00, but that he’d fit her in if she wanted.  She decided to schedule for tomorrow and was going to give them a deposit, but they require cash for that.  By the time we got back we went from having the option of getting it done pretty much whenever to 6:00 tomorrow evening.  Whatevs.

Milly was a bit of a fusspot today.On a happier note though, she’s gotten pretty proficient at waving at people now.  Sometimes she’ll do the open-close fist wave, but sometimes she’ll wave her whole arm.  So cool.

Billy and Cyra came over for dinner and Thursday Night NBC.  Amanda made enchiladas and Billy brought some bean dip.

Amanda pulled a muscle or something reaching under the crib for a pacifier last night, and even though it was better today I gave her a massage before she went to sleep.  She had a good bit of knots in her back.

At work today I had a client call me and tell me that yesterday he was on page 6 in Google and today, just a few days after I completed a good bit of SEO work for him, he’s on page 2.  He called me specifically and only to tell me that, which means he was excited.  That’s so awesome- I love phone calls like that.

Zach Dotsey