Congrats to Justin and Lisa Hauenstein on the birth of Ayden late yesterday.  All I know from Facebook is that Lisa was in labor for 26 hours before having a c-section (very similar to Amanda) and that the kid was about half the size of his mom at 21.5 inches, and weighed in at 9.5 pounds.  Poor momma- Lisa’s so little to have been carrying that giant baby around.  And he wasn’t even due until Saturday.

So I realized yesterday that I was missing my rings.  I usually wear two- my wedding ring and what I call my training ring.  I had never worn a ring before, so before we got married Amanda bought me a silver ring with a scroll design similar to the one on my wedding band, which I wore on my left ring finger.  Well, when I went surfing the other day I took them off, as I do 98% of the time, and put them in the pocket of the shorts I was wearing.  I realized that I hadn’t put them back on, but we haven’t been able to find them.  They’re not in the shorts I was wearing, the pants I wore before changing, the bathing suit I wore later, the bag we had with us.  Anna has looked around the house and we can’t find them anywhere.  I’m really bummed about that.

As you may have read from yesterday, Milly stayed up late last night, so I let her sleep in a bit this morning.  She didn’t get up until about a quarter of nine, and when I was about to put her down to feed her I noticed a feeling on my arm.  Her diaper had been so full of poop that it squished up and out the back onto my forearm.  I rushed her to the bathtub and cleaned her off before going ahead and feeding her.

She was in a good mood today- very talkative and playful. At one point, for some reason, she was taking laps around the kitchen table, where I was working.

After Amanda got home, Amy and Eli came over and the four of them (that is, Amanda, Amy, Eli and Milly) went to the beach.  (Amanda also looked my my rings herself while she was there.)  Milly was very sandy when she got back, so she had another bath.

Oh, I shaved today.  I just decided to do it when I woke up.  For fun though, I left myself a handlebar mustache, figuring it would be fun to see Amanda’s reaction.  She didn’t even notice it until I started laughing at the fact that she didn’t notice it, and then she couldn’t look at me.  I might grow the beard back out.  I don’t know, I kind of miss it.  I think part of the reason I shaved was just that I can’t find the charger cord for my trimmer, so it was either shave or get annoyingly shaggy.

So, I don’t know if you know this or not, but in comic books, particularly X-Men comics, dead characters have a tendency to come back later on.  One of my favorite X-Men was always Nightcrawler, and he appears to have been killed.  We’ll see if that sticks.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Zach Dotsey