I thought it was a good episode of Lost, but what a bummer!

SPOILER ALERT!  Don’t read beyond this if you haven’t seen Lost yet.

So, it’s been said that they were going to kill an important character.  But killing three and a half of them?!?  Sayid got over his evil thing and sacrificed himself to get a bomb as far away as he could from the other people (well, as far as he could get in a few seconds on a submarine).  Frank the pilot (who I’m counting as the one half, since he’s not as big a character as the other ones) is presumably dead since he got knocked out by a giant metal door before the sub sank.  Then, in a very touching scene, Jin and Sun go all Leo on us.  That leaves Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley all crying on the beach.

One thing I thought was very interesting was that Jack told Sawyer not to pull the wires on the bomb, that they’d be okay because Locke couldn’t kill them.  Jack told Sawyer to trust him, but the last time Sawyer trusted Jack, Juliette got killed.  This time, Sawyer didn’t trust him and he got a bunch of their friends killed.  It’ll be interesting to see how Sawyer reacts to that, especially given the way he’s treated Jack for the majority of the season.

In real life news, Amanda and I ate dinner with Reece and Stephanie Johnson tonight.  Kirsten has an exam tomorrow so we took Milly along, and she was pretty entertaining for dinner.  She was also very interested in their son, Jacob, for a while.

We headed from their place out to small group.  We tried to feed Milly and put her down in the pack & play, but she wasn’t having it.  She’ll often be upset initially at being put down to bed away from home, but she was really loud this time.  She ended up staying up the whole time and didn’t go to bed until 9:45 or so when we got home.  I think that’s the latest she’s ever stayed up.

Amy Warkentien stopped by for a bit today, bringing Subway lunch with her for me and Amanda.  One thing I learned on this visit is that we’ve got to somehow start teaching Milly to share.  She was drinking her bottle when they got here and Eli went to play with the zoo.  Milly got up and tried to keep him away from it and did a few other non-sharing things on top of that.  I guess we need to get her interacting with multiple kids more than once a week in Grow Zone.

In other Milly news, Amanda went to get some baby food today but somehow Wal-Mart was out of it, so she decided to just buy some big things of fruits and vegetables and start feeding Milly that.  It’s much cheaper to buy a giant jar of apple sauce for $2, she reasoned, than to buy a bunch of little jars for 50¢ a pop.  So tonight, after finishing her bottle, Milly had green beans, bits of pear and cottage cheese, all of which she seemed to enjoy.

In other baby news, I haven’t heard an update, but I got a text from Justin Hauenstein that he and Lisa were in the hospital and expecting a baby pretty soon.  I hope everything’s going well for them!

Zach Dotsey