Amy came by and picked up Max this evening.  I expect he and Harvey will miss playing outside with each other all day long.  They’re both filthy, and if Harvey’s not sad that Max is gone he’ll be sad that he’s got a bath in his hear future.

I’ve got a headache.  Sometimes when I have a headache I wonder at how at one point in time, people didn’t have anything they could take for headaches.  I haven’t taken anything yet- I usually try to put it off if it’s not too bad.

Milly was good for me today, which is nice, given that today was a Monday.  A moderately busy one for me at that.  Tomorrow likely will be too.

Amanda was kind enough to heat me up some noodles for dinner.  I don’t know why, but they really hit the spot, like they were exactly what I needed.

That’s really about all I’ve got for today.  Right now I’m just feeling kind of run down, though not exactly tired.  Suppose I should go to bed, but I don’t really feel like it.

Zach Dotsey