I ran a camera at the morning services at Port City Community Church today, and since we’ve only got one functioning car (I really need to replace the battery in the Olds) I left after I was done with the first service to go back home and grab Amanda and Milly.  Milly was a bit grumpy last night, but she’d gotten over it by this morning.  She was very talkative, making all kinds of noises.

Michael and Jenn joined us at church and we met up with the after the service at Panera before heading over to Wrightsville Beach.  It was really warm today and felt nice on the beach.  Michael and I went surfing while Jenn tried to get a base tan (which we all said was going to burn her- I await news on how that went for her).  My face ended up getting burned, but that was my own stupid fault.  Amanda and Anna had dipped Milly’s feet in the ocean, but it was cold and she didn’t like it at all.  Since it was Milly’s first time actually touching the ocean I stuck around for that, but Amanda told me that Milly didn’t really cheer up at any point after that and was in the pack & play back at la Casa Frazelle shortly after, though she, Anna and Kirsten came out for a walk when I was heading in from surfing.  Milly looked so adorable in her little brown bathing suit.

The surfing was pretty fun.  It wasn’t big and it wasn’t strong, but it was easy to catch and ride.  Michael was afraid he wouldn’t do well since he hasn’t been out in half of forever and he was using Big Betty when he’s used to using the Banana, but he did just fine.  We both caught plenty of waves.  Barry was going out as we were all leaving.

We all hung out with the Frazelles for a little while before heading on home.  We’d woken Milly up from her nap and she wasn’t happy about that.  She hadn’t had her early nap and she didn’t get to sleep all that much for an afternoon nap, but she went to sleep after we fed her at 5:00 and stayed down until I got her up at 7:30 for her final feeding up the day.  Even then she wasn’t already awake when I went to get her and she didn’t wake up when I opened the door.

After eating, she was in a pretty good mood though, so Amanda and I let her stay up until about a quarter after 8:00.  She played with a plastic egg, rolling it then going after it, and she read us some of her books.  She was having a good old time and talked to us a lot.  As I said before, she’s making more noises, but she’s putting different pitch and emphasis on her babblings.  She was so fun to watch.

Zach Dotsey