Six years ago, on an extremely rainy Saturday afternoon, Amanda and I got married.

I kicked off our anniversary celebration by waking up at about 8:00 and heading over to my brother’s apartment.  Actually, I went to his last apartment, which is right down the street from his more recent apartment, because I’m an idiot and forgot that he wasn’t in that one anymore.  To be fair, I think I’ve only been to the more recent one enough times that I could count the visits on one hand.

Anyway, Adam was moving, and he’d already gotten most of his stuff moved so I just helped him clean for a couple hours.  I did a good job on his kitchen and took his trash to the dumpster, along with a few other small things.  I tell you this- the cleaning people for that apartment should love him.  He even pulled out the fridge, stove and washer and dryer to clean behind those, and it was obvious none of that had been cleaned since before he moved in.

Adam’s new place, which I haven’t seen yet, it an apartment off of someone’s house.  He got a great deal on the place and seems to like the people he’s renting from pretty well.

After I left Adam’s place I stopped by BoJangle’s because Amanda was wanting a biscuit.  They left the egg off her egg and cheese, so I gave her most of the egg off of my sausage egg and cheese biscuit.  It was actually enough to cover her biscuit and, with the overflow, enough to give me a good amount of egg coverage too.

Our plan was to put Milly in a bathing suit and go to the beach, but the beach was a bit chilly so we didn’t even go out there.  Instead, Milly did her first finger paint works of art for our anniversary.  We set her up outside on an old towel on the front porch, and of course she made a colorful mess of herself.  Amanda and I were wishing that the paint wasn’t washable, because the little white shirt we put on her looks awesome with streaks of red, yellow, blue and green on it.  She left a little blue hand print in front of the welcome matt, which I guess will go away eventually, but we’re not doing anything to hasten its disappearance.

Kirsten was supposed to come over at 5:00 to babysit, but Anna appeared at our door instead.  A friend of Kirsten’s had come over and since Kirsten has been so busy with school and such and hasn’t hung out with any friends much lately, Anna encouraged her to go out and told her she’d take her spot.  Anna told us that they had a great time together.  She read to Milly and took her for a walk.  During the walk they ran into our neighbor Bonnie, and Bonnie asked Anna if she knew Milly, not realizing that the baby in front her was Milly.  Silly Bonnie.

Amanda and I didn’t do a whole lot.  We ate at Outback, which I always enjoy, though Amanda convinced me that I didn’t need to get the cheese fries.  The Alice Springs Chicken was wonderful though.  During dinner we recollected on our wedding day and talked about Milly.  Afterwards we went to Boombalotti’s for ice cream.  We thought about going to Kilwin’s downtown, but as nice as it was out we thought it might be crowded.

We were home right at Milly’s feeding time.  Yes, lame, we didn’t even stay out late, but we couldn’t really think of much to do anyway.  We even apologized to Anna for being home so early.

All in all it wasn’t a bad day.  We wanted to do more, like going out to the beach with Milly, but we got to spend some time by ourselves and reflect on our married days, so it was nice.

Zach Dotsey