I went by Nick and Amy’s tonight to feed their cat, Gipper.  While there I brought up their trash can and mail to the house.  I fed Gipper, looked for him (to no avail- the cat likes to hide) and went home.  When I got home, Amanda mentioned that she’d called me a few times.  I checked my pocket and couldn’t find my iPhone.  I figured I’d left it in the car, so I check there.  No iPhone.  It was 8:00 at this point, so I helped put Milly to bed then went back to Nick and Amy’s.  Surely I’d left it on the kitchen table when I put the mail down, right?

Wrong.  So I looked in the bathroom where Gipper’s food is.  Nothing there.  I looked in the bedroom attached to Gipper’s bathroom- maybe it fell out of my pocket in there.  No iPhone.  The computer/guest room where I peeked to see if I could find Gipper?  Nope.  The kitchen, where I got a bag out to clean Gipper’s litter box?  Still nada.

So I went back home and did what I should have in the first place, which was to get Amanda’s phone so I could call my iPhone while I looked for it.  I called it while looking in the car in case it was in there, to no avail.  Headed back out and went through the house while calling myself- still nothing.  I walked up and down the driveway calling it.  I checked the mailbox in case, for some reason, I’d set it down in there.  I checked the spot where the trash was.  I went so far as to look in the dumpster and even looked in the bag of litter.  The damn iPhone was nowhere to be found.  How could it have so completely disappeared?

Amanda called me at one point just after it occurred to me that I might not have walked straight up the driveway when I came back with the mail.  Just as she called me, I found it, face-down in the middle of their yard with 26 missed calls (one of which was from Seth Holloman, with whom Amanda had just gotten off the house phone, the rest being Amanda’s phone or the house phone).

What a relief!  I really didn’t want to have to tell Scott that I’d lost my iPhone.

The pretty much shot the night, as I got home around 9:30.  One extra aggravation is that they’re doing some kind of road work at the intersection of Murrayville and College Roads, and the last time I came back the left turn from College to Murrayville that I had to take to get home was blocked, so I had to go through the intersection, turn in to a parking lot, come back out and wait for a light before I could get back on track for getting home.  It was the suck.

The rest of the day wasn’t so harried.  Scott and I discussed a new direction for work and spent a chunk of the day going over final kinks and details for a site I’m excited to have live.  After work Amanda, Milly and I went out to Wrightsville Beach.  Michael and Jenn were there and they told us that it was cold on the beach itself, so they went for a walk to Hallellu, a shop about halfway up Wrightsville Beach.  After talking to the Frazelles a bit, Amanda, Milly and I followed, with Milly in her beach stroller (even though we were walking up the street).  We caught up with Michael and Jenn as they were on their way back, so we turned around and all walked back together.  Michael was playing with Milly in her stroller like he was playing MarioKart.

An interesting side- on the way up the beach, Amanda and I walked past a hawk that was sitting on a railing.  I mean, we were just a few feet from it and it didn’t fly away, making Amanda think it must be injured.  After we stopped to look at it, and I tried to take a picture, it did fly off.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually been that close to a hawk before though.

Afterwards we ate at PT’s with Michael and Jenn.  I dropped Amanda and Milly off at the house after that, since it was feeding time and Milly was getting a little fussy, then went to Nick and Amy’s.  You know the story from there.

I was looking at my baby girl this afternoon/evening, and it occurred to me that while she’s still certainly got a healthy amount of chub, she lengthening out.  She’s getting leaner and longer.  My little girl’s getting all growed up.

I just got a call from Karen, Amanda’s mom.  She told me that someone close to us all made a tough choice and that she’s proud of that person.  I am too.  Knowing the situation, it couldn’t have been easy.

Oh man, I can’t believe I forgot to mention Amanda’s morning!  So, Friday is Amanda’s main day to sleep in, right?  Well, she went ahead and got up today and went to the DMV.  They told her it would be a 2-3 hour wait, and she ended up there for about three hours and 45 minutes.  At one point she texted me and said that the person next to her had been there since before 8:00.  Ridiculous.  I went to that same DMV on my 30th birthday and was in and out in much less time.  I guess in all the cutbacks they’ve cut back on how many people work at a given DMV at any given time.

Zach Dotsey