We were already up to three dogs here- Bruce and Harvey, who live here, and Max, Nick and Amy’s dog who we’re watching until they get back from Michigan.  Billy and Cyra came over for dinner and TV tonight, so we added Cyra’s two dogs, Lily and Ted, to the mix.  Five dogs, all but one of which is between medium and large, and all of whom are still young, is a lot for one house.  We mostly kept them outside.  The neighbors were probably like, “MORE dogs?”  It got a little hectic when they all decided they wanted to be inside.  Made watching The Office a little more difficult.

The VW got its 20,000 mile maintenance done today.  Amanda dropped it off after work and was shuttled home then shuttled back out to pick it up.  She also talked to them about replacing the windshield, since it’s cracked, but Bob King (the dealership) wanted $700 for it.  When I looked up prices online before they were $300 and less, so we called around and found someone who would do it for about $275.  Still not cheap, but a heck of a lot better than $700.  From what we’ve gathered, Bob King doesn’t like to just give out the service- they like to get themselves a nice chunk of the pie, too.  Not that there’s anything wrong with marking it up, but more than doubling the price?  Come on, now.

In the realm of new Milly things, while we were sitting out on the swing today (the only thing that made her happy at the time) I was opening and closing my fist to wave at her.  She’s done that just a few times to people, but this time she was doing it was both hands and was very entertained by it.  So she’s starting to copy things more, which is really cool.

We also played a game called “put it in the box” where I give her something and she puts it in one of her toy bins then I get really excited for her.  That’s a pretty fun game, and it shows that she knows what the box is for and how to put things in it, which is pretty cool.  We played that for a bit then I dumped everything in the bin back out, but she got tired of it and decided it would be more fun to stick one of the toys in her mouth instead.

Amanda’s planning on getting up early and going to the DMV to get her license renewed tomorrow.  She stopped by there a few days ago after she got out of work at noon and there was a guy still waiting there who had been there since 7:30 that morning.  Hopefully tomorrow will go alright for her.

Zach Dotsey