Amanda slept in a bit today.  I don’t think she got up until around 10 or so, maybe a little later.  I had a good time with Milly in that time though.  Phil had gone to the church to help with something there, so Milly and I strolled around the yard a bit.  Amanda’s parents live out in the woods, so it’s a bit different from the neighborhood she’s used to walking around in.

Off the sun room Karen and Phil have a porch with a few different tiers on it.  Milly and I were on the lowest tier, which is maybe a foot off the ground, and she was playing around with a flower pot, picking things up and putting them in there, taking them back out, that sort of thing.  Then she decided that she’d try to get into the flower pot.  Milly really enjoys climbing onto and into things.  Well, I knew it was a bad idea because there was no way she’d ever be able to actually sit in it with any semblance of balance, but I didn’t think she’d actually make it into the flower pot.

And she didn’t.

While Milly was trying to climb into the flower pot she sort of (and by sort of I mean totally) lost her balance and toppled over the side of the porch which, like I said, is maybe a foot.  She landed on her back a bank of leaves and such, so she was fine, but it definitely scared her (and me).  And the worst part is that I was taking a video of her at the time.  I wish I’d left it rolling a bit longer so I had video evidence that she was fine, but I cut it off as I was going to get her, so the last thing you see is her disappearing over the edge of view.  Terrible, right?  And the worst part is that it’s kind of funny to watch.  Of course, had she hurt herself I wouldn’t have thought that, but she really was completely fine.

On the plus side, I’m of the belief that my baby has to fall down a few times if she’s going to learn things.  That’s literally what she did.

Amanda got up and Phil got home and we went to eat at the new Mexican place in Richlands, which was a pizza place the last time I was there.

We left Richlands and headed on back to Wilmington.  Both there and on the way back we left around a usual nap time, figuring Milly would sleep if we did that, but she didn’t sleep on the way to or back from Richlands.

We were greeted with two packages on our front porch upon arriving back home.  One was from my mom for Amanda for her birthday.  She ordered us the P90X workout system, which has had some really good results on people I know.  I didn’t realize this, but it even comes with a dietary guide and such.  I’m looking forward to getting started on it.

Also in that box was my mom’s gift to Milly for her baby dedication, which was a necklace with a cross on it.  It was really pretty, and the cross was shaped sort of like angel’s wings as well.  My mom asked me about getting something like that for Milly because she said she had gotten a necklace (I think she said a crucifix, actually) once that had given her a lot of comfort over the years.

The other box was something I had ordered.  I saw a special the other day for a free MP3 player after an instant rebate and a mail-in rebate.  Shipping was only $4, and I’ve wanted to get something to play music in the nursery for Milly, so I thought that would do the trick.

Most of the rest of the day was spent with Milly finally napping, Amanda watching TV and me writing.  It’s nice to write sometimes, just to clear your head.  I also enjoy the physical act of writing.  After that I really felt like drawing, so I found an old sketch pad and a pencil and tried sketching Milly, but, surprisingly, I know, she wouldn’t hold still.  I ended up with the beginning of a bunch of sketches, but I did get a couple really fast ones.

Amanda gave Milly her iPod Touch to play with so she could look at pictures.  It was really cute the way Milly would lie on her stomach, holding the iPod out in front of her with both hands.  She looked like a teenager reading a magazine or something.

Oh, while playing Milly Points, Milly and I ended up across the road.  Charles and his two girls, Mackenzie and Kember, were all outside and the girls were looking at Milly and Milly was looking at them, so we went on over there.  Charles and I talked for a bit, mostly about raising girls and the like.

Amanda and I both felt like it was Sunday today, since usually when we got out of town we come back on Sundays.  We’ve still got one more day before hellweek though.

Zach Dotsey