Lars (Mike Boscaljon is his real name, but he looks more like a Lars) texted me yesterday and asked if we’d like to join him and his wife Kaitlyn at the beach tomorrow after church.  I told him we were planning on going out anyway, and it would be great to hang out with them.

It turned out that the Nowaks were going out there too, which I found out from Sarah while we were both picking up our babies from Grow Zone.  Milly was standing at the gate when I got there, and Lauren was right next to her.  Seeing them together makes it easy for me to picture them growing up as friends.

Anyway, Amanda, Milly and I stopped by Target after church to get a few things, grabbed some breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts and went on out to Wrightsville Beach.  The Boscaljons were only a minute behind us.  When we all got out there after talking to Barry and Hannah for a few minutes, Amanda, Milly and I walked on down to the other side of Crystal Pier to say hi to the Nowaks.  We saw Henry first, but I don’t think he recognized us in bathing suits because he didn’t say hi back to us when we greeted him, and that kid normally loves me.

We hung out with the Nowaks for a bit.  Milly sat next to Lauren and intercepted the craisens Mile was feeding her.  She loved those things, but then again she loves most food.

After we got back to Lars and Kaitlyn, I went back to get my board and a top from Barry.  I have my own top, of course, but I was expecting to have to wear my full wetsuit.  The water was pretty daggone cold everywhere below my navel when I first got in, but it didn’t take long to get used to.

I had a great time surfing with Lars.  We used to be out there all the time together, at least once or twice a week.  He hadn’t been surfing since, was it September or October that he said?  But he did fine.  Surfing is like riding a bike in that you don’t forget how to do it, but unlike riding a bike your paddling endurance goes to crap if unused.  At any rate, we both caught plenty of waves.  It was small out, but it was pretty steady and there were a few waves of decent size that would come along now and then.  It was a lot of fun, and it was good to catch up with such a good friend.

Amanda made some salad for dinner.  She makes the best salad, and it really hit the spot after being out on the hot beach.  I think between our late lunch and dinner I ended up eating three bowls of it.  We spent the rest of the night relaxing, catching up on things on the DVR.

Zach Dotsey