Hellweek began with, eh, well, not too much of a bang, today.

Amanda’s got to attend some training for some new software at work this week, which will keep her there much longer than usual.  That leaves me with Milly all day long a couple additional days this week.  Normally the week goes like this:

  • Monday
    Milly day.   Milly goes down for a nap from 9:15 or 9:30 to about 12:30, then goes back down from about 2-5.  I end up working late to catch up on things I should have gotten done during the day, but didn’t.
  • Tuesday-Thursday
    Milly goes down for a nap from 9:15 or 9:30 to about 12:30, at about which time Amanda gets home, allowing me to continue working pretty much unabated.
  • Friday
    Amanda’s off work.  She wakes up by 9:00 so I can work all day.

So as you can see, I expect to work a number of late nights this week.

Fortunately, Milly was really good for me today.  She’s able to entertain herself pretty well for the most part now, which is a huge help.  We even had some fun.  Early this morning we went for a walk down to the cul-de-sac with her on my shoulders.  Every now and then she’d lean her head around to look at me and give me a giant grin.  We also played one of her favorite new games, which started out as peek-a-boo but has morphed into Where’s Milly?

Last week sometime, I was playing peek-a-boo with her, and Milly would start to pull my hands away from my face.  Then I started hiding my face behind a pillow, and she started burying her face in pillows.  When she did that Amanda started asking, “Where’s Milly?” then she’d pop her face up, to which, of course, we’d reply, “There she is!”  Yeah, babies have always done that game, but Milly throws her face into cushions and pillows with such gusto!

At one point Milly wanted to go outside and that was the only thing that would make her happy, so I grabbed the laptop and worked outside while Milly played on the porch.  She got dirty playing with a plate that had some dirt on it (I think it had formerly been employed as a water catcher for a flower pot) and a chain that used to belong to a hanging basket.  She also played with the keys to the Olds.  Whatever- it kept her entertained for a good long while.  She ended up staying up well past her usual nap time, but she didn’t seem tired, so I didn’t see a point in putting her down, though she did eventually take that nap.

I worked a bit late today.  A portion of my morning was spent helping a client try to sort out some (work-related, but not in any way caused by us) drama.  I also put up a couple Craigslist ads to see about expanding the company a little, getting people to help out with sales and design.  I was sorting through some of those today and responded to a few tonight.  I think there were two that looked particularly promising.

Zach Dotsey