First off tonight I’d like to give a big, big thanks to Anna and Kirsten Frazelle for coming over to watch Milly today.  It was originally going to just be Anna, but Kirsten decided not to take a summer class, so they both showed up at 12:30 on the dot, which is when Milly gets up from her morning nap.  From the office it sounded like they all had a pretty good time.  They started to go for a walk too, but they came in when it looked like it was going to rain, which is a good thing because it did end up raining pretty hard for a while.

It’s rained a good bit lately, mostly really early in the morning.

That certainly helped out with hellweek.  Yeah, I still ended up working past my regular hours, but I also got a lot done that I wouldn’t have without the help from Anna and Kirsten.

The DVR is getting to be pretty clean.  There are no current shows left on there except for a Days of Our Lives that Amanda is catching up on, and I think today’s episode of Ellen.  We watched V and House tonight, and that was pretty much that.  We were originally going to go see Ayden Hauenstein, but I texted Justin and the new baby’s still a little sick, so we put that off.

I don’t know what to do with my time right now.  I’ve got some impending work to do, but it’s a bit too involved to start on this late at night.

I put a new Craigslist ad up for the position we’re looking to fill at work.  I emphasized this time that I was only looking for people who would be available to work in Wilmington and got some decent results, I think.  I’ve replied to everyone so far so and have heard back from a few, so I think tomorrow I’ll start setting up in-person interviews for next week.

Zach Dotsey