Milly drank ten ounces of formula for breakfast this morning.  Normally she drinks six.  She finished her first helping pretty fast then started to fuss, so I gave her one scoop (which makes two ounces) more.  She finished that and still wanted some more, so I did it again.  She had just a tiny bit left after that, so I figured she was good to go.  She still managed a little apple sauce after that.

On the further subject of Milly food, Amanda tried giving her some pear slices today, but she wasn’t having it.  She started off liking things like that, namely peach slices, but she hasn’t wanted anything to do with them lately.  She did chow down on some green beans for dinner though, which is the first time in a while that she’s eaten those.

Milly and I have been going for walks in the morning, and we did it again today.  This time though, instead of going down to the cul de sac we went down Leaning Tree Court.  It was a little longer, which was fine.  We also went for a walk down the cul de sac this evening, though we didn’t make it all the way down because we bumped into Charles, Deanna, Kenzie and Kimber.  I ended up talking to them for a while.  In fact, after we got back Kimber decided she wanted to come inside.  It was like we were having a party- Nick, Amy and Eli had recently arrived then Bonnie came in (I’d seen her dog, Cream, outside and thought it was Nick and Amy’s dog, Max, and went outside because I was worried that he and Harvey had somehow gotten out of the backyard), then Kimber came in so I told Deanna, who was following Kimber, to come on in too.

After Bonnie, Deanna and Kimber left the rest of us ate dinner and, after the kids went to sleep, watched Thursday night TV.  We just have 30 Rock and Flash Forward left to watch from tonight.

Earlier in the day I had a meeting with some potential clients I’ve been speaking to for a while, and I think it went well.  Also on the job front, I’ve got a good number of applicants from the Craigslist ad I posted.  I think a few of them have some good potential.  It’s kind of exciting, getting ready to expand the company.  Hopefully it’ll work out the way we want it to, and hopefully we pick the right person from the get-go.

Michael got wind of the job search and called me to ask about it.  I told him that with his lack of design experience I really didn’t think I could do anything for him, but he is now interested in web design, and so I told him I’d be glad to show him a few things and help set him up to see if it’s something he really would want to get into.  I wouldn’t be able to give him a job, but he could set himself up to come up with designs and have us do all the backend stuff for him.  He seemed pretty excited about the possibility.  Of course, he’d have to go out and get clients and such, which isn’t something I could really help him with.  Still, it’s cool that he got excited about it.

Zach Dotsey