Got some work out of the way.  A few good leads for hiring.

Off to the Rouge in the afternoon.  Moved to backseat with Milly, who was getting fussy and didn’t nap the whole way there.

Stopped at the Duck Store on Ninth Street in Durham, a place they sell Duke stuff.  I finally got the Duke 2010 NCAA Championship shirt I wanted, Amanda got a short-sleeved hoody and Milly got a pink National Championship shirt that should fit her next season.  Also picked one up for little Ella Jane Clark.  When I called Elliot and told him where we were, he said, “Yes.  The answer is yes,” before I could finish asking him if he wanted us to pick something up for her.

We got to Rougemont shortly before Adam there a few minutes after us.  Dad and Jeff were out at grocery store.

Grilled food, great dinner.

Hung out.  Mom (who was picked up from the airport by my dad) and Uncle Roy got home a little after 10.  Milly was fussy when we put her down to sleep and has made noise off and on- hopefully not all night.  Since we’re in the same room as the crib, Amanda and I are afraid to go to bed.

Zach Dotsey