Milly didn’t wake up last night when Amanda and I went to bed, but she was up around 7:15, talkative and happy.

Erin came in the early afternoon, David, Xusha and Aunt Reggie arrived a bit later.  David and Xusha finally got to meet Milly for the first time.

Andra called and said she wasn’t going to come.  She was tired, Josh wasn’t feeling good and they had some things to do in the morning.  She changed her mind and ended up coming up with just Jackson and Addison.  Addison’s saying words now.  She’ll pretty much try to say whatever you ask her to.  Adam and I played a good bit with Jackson, who was very sweet with Milly.

Mom had both her granddaughters outside and Addison was feeding Milly Cheerios.

Two people had a tiff.  I won’t bother going into details, but it put a damper on the day for a bit, so I felt it needed mentioning.

Our original plan was to leave after Milly’s 5:00 feeding, but since dinner wasn’t ready then and that didn’t give us much time to see everyone, we stuck around for a bit.  A storm came up and the power went out, which wasn’t so bad, but it was raining like crazy when we finally did leave.  Dad was nice enough to take trips with us out to the car, holding a large umbrella, and Uncle Roy helped us carry some things out.  It rained pretty hard until we were in Raleigh.

Milly took a while going to sleep but she was good for the whole trip home.  We got in around 10:30.  Had a nice time in the Rouge, that one thing aside.

Zach Dotsey