We decided to go to the 11:00 service at PC3 this morning.  Milly let us sleep in.  Got to church pretty early and saw 9:00 people.  Hung out and socialized a bit before dropping Milly off at Grow Zone.  Ella Jane got her Duke shirt.

Michael met us at church and came over after for lunch and Photoshop lessons.  He’s interested in learning more design and possibly designing websites.  His computer wasn’t working well with it though, so, long story short, we ended up getting him a new computer.  It’s a Sony, and you can’t really go wrong with Sony.  And when I say we ended up getting him a computer, I mean I went with him to help pick one out and put it on my Best Buy card, but his dad will be giving me the money for it in the near future.

So he got Photoshop on his new computer and I spent most of the rest of the afternoon giving him tips on web design, like how to lay out a page and such.

Milly was walking with the rider-walker transforming thing Amanda bought her a few days ago.  So cute!

Amanda and I watched pre-Lost finale show, with interviews from the cast and such, then watched the Lost finale.  I liked it, Amanda didn’t.  The last scene explained that the flash-sideways were actually a sort of Limbo or Purgatory, which all the people in it had set up so they could meet up and move on together in the afterlife.  I thought it was very nicely done, but Amanda wanted more answers about what the island was and such.  I thought explaining everything would have actually watered it down, and the end was a great, beautifully-done ending for such a character-driven show.  I also really liked that Hurley became the new Jacob after Jack and that Ben was his #2.  The fact that they mention it almost in passing at the end of the show somehow rounded things out even more.

Amanda riding with Cyra tomorrow so I can use the car to go pick up my paycheck.  We really should get the battery replaced in the Olds.

Zach Dotsey