Congratulations to the Duke Blue Devils for winning yet another national championship, this time in lacrosse.  Sadly, I just today allowed my Duke flag to be taken down.  I was going to put up our American flag for Memorial Day, but Amanda thinks it’s too faded to bother putting up.  (I actually found it in a small closet housing the downstairs AC unit when we moved in this house), but she did get a “summer” flag while she was out with her mom today.  Anyway, congrats to the Duke lacrosse team!  Given what Duke lacrosse went through just a few years ago because of lies told by a stripper, this has to mean so much to these guys.

Milly started off her first ever Memorial Day with a fully dirty diaper and a bunch of fuss, so she didn’t stay up very long.  After I put her down I showered then headed off to a quick meeting at a Port City Java.  Not long after I got home Amanda, Milly, Karen and I went to meet Michael at Temptations for lunch.  Unfortunately, they were closed so we ended up going across the street to Ruby Tuesday at the mall.

I got Milly some things to snack on from the salad bar, and out of those she most enjoyed the cranberries.  Very surprisingly though, I first gave her a lemon slice just to see what kind of face she’d make, but she really liked it!  Our waitress commented that babies tend to like sour things and brought us a few pickle slices.  Milly sucked on one with the whole thing in her mouth for a while, and when she was done she spit it out with her lips as tight as they could be so that it looked like, I don’t know, an automatic ticket dispenser or something.  It was kind of funny.

After that I walked around the mall with Amanda, Karen and Milly.  When Amanda decided to go spend her Loft gift card (because they were having a big sale today) Milly and I went to the game store across the way from it then we went and sat in a little rest area with couches and chairs.  Milly wasn’t amused there and kept trying to crawl off into the mall, so I remembered a little kids area and took her there.  I tell ya, it’s really easy to talk to women when you have a little baby with you.  She was a hit with this one group of ladies who were there.  Anyway, Milly enjoyed it for a while and was even laughing at what appeared to be two siblings chasing each other around.

After Milly got tired of that we went back to The Loft to find Amanda and Karen getting ready to check out with their purchases.  Amanda got some nice stuff and only paid $11 after her gift card and discounts.  She was looking forward to wearing some of it this week and showing me her new skinny jeans, but Karen accidentally took her bag back to Richlands when she left later in the day, and we won’t see her for two weeks.

We stopped off at… I forget the name of the place- a toy store next to Temptations, to look at some things before heading back home.  It was funny- Karen was the one we had to keep telling it was time to go to.  Milly was getting tired and the mall, even if I’m not actually shopping, somehow just saps my energy.  We got back, put Milly to bed, Amanda and Karen left and I did a little bit of work.  When they got home, Karen and Amanda played in the yard a bit, planting some flowers and such.  I mostly just watched after Milly after she got up.  She really seemed to enjoy hanging out outside on the porch.

I heard Kimber, one of the little girls from across the street, notice Milly, so I took her over there to say hi to her and her sister, Kenzie.  Their dad, Charles, came out and we talked for a few minutes.  Kimber said she wanted to go inside our house and see our puppies, and I told her that was fine with me as long as it was fine with her dad, so they came over for a bit and ended up mostly just playing with Milly’s toys in the living room.  They’re very sweet girls.  Deanna, their mom, came over after a bit and collected them after hanging out for a few minutes.  Kimber gave Milly a firetruck driven by Sesame Street’s Ernie.

Karen took off a little after that (with Amanda’s new clothes).  After Amanda and I put Milly to bed for the night we did our P90X workout, which was back and legs.  I really need to get a pull-up bar.  We used bands to try to do some work, but it’s just not the same.

Karen called when we were done with some internet trouble.  She was connected to their wireless network, but she wasn’t able to pull up the internet.  It took a while to step her through it, but I had her reset the modem.  I don’t know if it worked or not, but I also tried to get her to create a new Internet Explorer icon.  I didn’t think she used IE since she had a couple FireFox shortcuts on her desktop, and she was having some kind of trouble getting her newly-created shortcuts onto the desktop.  I finally just told her I’d have to fix it up for her next time I saw her.  I needed to take a shower, it was getting late, and I had some things I really needed to do after that.

Zach Dotsey