I’ve been meaning to mention this, but for about a month or so now Milly’s had a recurring diaper rash.  It’s been really bad the past few days, which Amanda thinks might be from being in kiddie pools.  The poor thing- her heiney is so red and sore that she dreads having her diaper changed because it hurts her when we wipe.  She’ll get up and grab onto me or Amanda when we wipe her.  It’s so sad.

At PC3 we finished up a series on idolatry with Mike Ashcraft talking about not getting aggravation mixed up with repentance.  At the beginning of the service Mike had all former and active duty members of the military in the congregation stand up in honor of Memorial Day (which is tomorrow) and the applause for them went on and on.  It was rather touching.  We also had communion at the end of the service, which is always pretty special.

After we got home we put Milly to bed and did the P90X yoga workout, which was a lot tougher than I thought it would be.  Amanda got a bit bored with it, but I liked it overall.

Not long after we finished that Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, came to stay with us.  She and Amanda went out to do some running around and I decided after a bit that I felt like watching a movie.  There are several we’ve had for a long time that we have yet to watch, and since it was just me and Milly (who had gotten up just as I had decided to watch something) I thought I’d watch something Amanda wouldn’t want to watch, so I put in House of Flying Daggers.  There was a scene at the beginning where one of the main characters was dancing to some Chinese music, and Milly was pretty attentive to that.  She ended up sitting in my lap watching the movie and snacking on some Cheerios like someone would popcorn at a movie theater.

I enjoyed the movie.  It wasn’t much of what I thought it would be, and I was really hoping to see the final battle between the House of Flying Daggers and the government soldiers, but I enjoyed it overall.  Amanda and Karen got back before it was over, so I had to pause it and rewind it at times, and since it was subtitled I couldn’t look away during dialogue.

We had plans to meet Michael and Jenn at El Cerro Grande, but Barry called me and said the surf looked fun.  Amanda and Karen both told me to go surfing if I wanted to go surfing, so I went surfing.  Let me tell you, I had a great time.  At first Barry and I took out smallish boards, but we weren’t (or I should say, I wasn’t) catching much with those so we went back in and got bigger boards.  From then on it was great.  I caught three particularly good waves.  I rode them all a good long way and on one I had to look down at the board because it felt so smooth, like I was just gliding.  What made the waves so fun was that you’d catch it and get a nice drop, then it just kept pushing and pushing.  The power stayed behind it until it eventually mushed out.  The last wave I caught I started out on a left then switched back to the right.  I was able to really read the water and kept steering the board so that I just kept getting some push behind it and rode it literally to the shore.  Much fun.

Barry gave me some Of Montreal CDs, since he got me tickets to a show of theirs for Wednesday.  He’d mentioned that when we went to see the Arctic Monkey concert, but I’d forgotten about it.  Anyway, he gave me some CDs to check out so I’ll know what I’m going to go listen to.

Before I left Hannah and some of her friends arrived at the house.  It turns out that not only was the mission trip to Guatemala Hannah was going on delayed because of a volcano, but now there’s a tropical storm.

Michael and Jenn were at the house when I got there.  Amanda and I put Milly to bed then Amanda wanted to play some Puerto Rico but Michael and Jenn wanted to leave and go watch Survivor and Karen said she was too tired.  Poor Amanda, she’s been wanting to play Puerto Rico for a while now.

So now she and Karen are sitting in the living room watching Mega Piranha on Sci-Fi.  It’s terrible, of course.  Aside from everything else you could say about it, it’s really got some of the worst CG I think I’ve ever seen, and there’s really no excuse for that these days.

Zach Dotsey