Nick and Amy came over tonight to play some Puerto Rico.  It was probably the closest game, top to bottom, that we’ve ever played with, I think, a 10 point difference between first and last place.  We all thought Nick was going to win, but I did.  It was me with 50 points, then Nick, Amy and Amanda.

After that we all sat around and watched some TV, ending up on Goonies.  I fell asleep on the couch with Amanda.  I’d been up until about 2:30 or 3:00 this morning after driving Kirsten and Ali back from the Of Montreal show in Chapel Hill last night.

Speaking of Kirsten, she came over to help out with Milly today, which was great because Milly might be teething again.  She’s been very snotty and drooly lately.  Anna came not long after Milly got up from her nap because Kirsten had forgotten something at home, which of course we all know was just an excuse for her to come play with Milly.  Kirsten left around 2:00 to go home to get ready for training at her new job but Anna stuck around a little longer until Milly went down for a nap.

Amanda, in case you’re wondering, had a long day today.  She was helping out with something at one of the properties.  She knew this in advance, which is why we were able to get some help for the day.

It’s such a blessing and I’m so thankful to Anna and Kirsten that they were able to help today, because work was pretty busy today.  And by pretty busy I mean really busy.

Zach Dotsey