Amanda and I seem to be coming down with a cold, so she went to pick up some medicine and got some toenail polish while she was out with the intention to paint Milly’s tiny toenails while she ate.  Unfortunately, Amanda had never noticed how active our daughter’s feet are even while she’s in the high chair, and all Amanda ended up painting was a small speck on one of Milly’s toes.

I had a pretty busy work morning and met with Travis this afternoon to go over all the services we offer and some pricing guidelines in addition to getting his set up with some of our systems.  Amanda took Milly out and about with her during that time and actually came back by the Port City Java where I had the meeting, walking up literally just as Travis had left.

Amanda and I stopped by Dick’s.  Milly was about ready for a nap so I just ran in myself and picked up a couple weights and a pull-up bar.  Right after I got home and settled back in for work, Travis called me and we made a sales call.  I talked, he listened.  I think it went alright and hope to be able to meet with the client next week.  I’m anxious to get Travis to where he can do the sales and design, freeing me up to do so much other stuff.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, came to see us tonight.  Amanda’s dad, Phil, is off building a church in Nova Scotia, so she just came to see Milly, hang out and, apparently, clean our upstairs bathroom.  Tomorrow is their anniversary, and Karen said this will be the first one they’ve spent apart.

We didn’t end up doing P90X today, and we didn’t get a chance to do it yesterday.  I’m a little frustrated at that, but we talked about what we can do about it.  Amanda and I like doing the workout together, but it’s not easy for us to do it at the same time.  I might start getting up early to do it, and she can do it in the afternoons when Milly’s napping.

John Wooden died today at the age of 99.  John Wooden coached UCLA to 10 NCAA championships.  Looking past the controversy that comes with such an unrepeatable feat, it’s an amazing accomplishment and has him cemented as one of the best coaches in any sport of all time.

Zach Dotsey