No, it didn’t rain heavily today, I just spent most of the day playing Heavy Rain, a PlayStation 3 game that Michael let me borrow.  I’d started it a few days ago, but I’ve only been able to play it in spurts until today.  Amanda got sucked into watching it, because the story is really good and it was like watching a movie, so she didn’t really mind.

The cool thing about the game is that it’s a linear narrative, but the choices you make determine the end of the game.  For example, all the characters survived until the last chapter in my game, but I didn’t get a happy ending because of my play in that final chapter.  I’m going to try to get a happy ending in the near future and maybe replay a few of the chapters to see what happens if I made certain different choices throughout the game.

I did go out for a bit today.  Amanda and her mom went to look at things for Milly’s party next weekend and we met them and Michael at Applebee’s.  They came home with some clothes and a new clothing rack for Milly.  I think I might have mentioned that the rack we were using before broke a few weeks ago.

We’ve had the stairs blocked off with a baby gate for a while now.  Our stairs are mostly open on the side, but it’s mostly blocked off with a couch.  Ever since we put the gate up, that’s the way the dogs have gone to get up and down the steps.  Well, today Milly figured out that she could do that as well.  I heard her getting on the steps and decided I’d keep an eye on her as she climbed up.  I don’t want to encourage it, but I’d rather her be used to the steps in case she’s ever in a position, for whatever reason, to actually go up some steps on her own unsupervised.  She did just fine, although the tended to drift towards the open side of the stairway.

Zach Dotsey