A big thanks to Stephanie Konny for coming over to watch Milly tonight while Amanda and I went to Hannah Frazelle’s b21st birthday party tonight.  Milly was already in bed when Steph got here, but we needed someone to be around just in case, you know.  She said after we got back that she never heard a peep from Milly.

We were originally going to be back at 9:30 because Stephanie has a test early tomorrow, but Hannah’s friends drove her all around town with a blindfold on in order to confuse her and they didn’t end up getting to Botega, where the party was, until close to the time we had to leave.  Stephanie said she was making a lot of progress in her studying over at our house and that she’d be fine with us getting in at 10, which was very cool of her.

Anyway, Hannah’s party had a great turnout.  Rio Bravo played a few songs and there was a photo booth.  Hannah was definitely surprised and very excited about it.  Amanda and I gave her a necklace that Amanda made (Amanda liked it so much she wanted to keep it) and a picture of Milly holding up a sign that reads “Happy birthday Hannah!  I luv you!”.  We got her to sit on the front porch yesterday holding the sign and I took a bunch of pictures for it, but we couldn’t choose which we liked the best so we put four of them together.  One has her looking into the camera, she’s making a funny face in the second, looks like she’s checking the sign herself in the third and in the fourth she’s holding it up in front of her as if she’s really presenting it to Hannah.  You can’t see any of her in the last one except her tiny fists at the top of the poster.

I was up at 6:00 today to go run cameras at church.  Nick, as he often does, picked me up and Amanda and Milly came to the 11:00 service so Amanda could sleep in we could ride home together.  They gave us long sleeved production shirts this morning, which helps us mobile camera operators blend into the stage background better.

I met Nick’s sister, Amber, who is staying with them for a while, and her boyfriend in between the morning services.  Michael and Jenn came this morning, too.

After we got home from church Amanda fixed bagels while I put Milly down for a nap.  She then went out for a bit and I took a nap myself.  There wasn’t much going on when I got up so I played Heavy Rain to get the happy ending (which I got) and replayed a few chapters to see what differences there were.  Amanda, I guess inspired by the necklace she made for Hannah yesterday, made one for herself for the party tonight.

We changed Milly’s schedule up a little today so we could put her to bed before Stephanie came over.  Really all we did was feed her a little earlier for her last two feedings, and we put her to bed probably around 7:45, whereas lately she’ll usually finish eating around 8 and be in bed around 8:15 or so.  I just hope it doesn’t throw her off for tomorrow, since I’ll have her all day myself.

Zach Dotsey