That’s what I’m doing.  Work, work, work.  I’ve got a couple largish things and several smallish things I’m trying to get through right now.  Milly was pretty good today, so she really didn’t distract me much for a Monday.  If we’d done the hiring thing just a few weeks earlier I would not only have stuff to keep Travis busy, but I’d be less stressed right now too.

I feel like we’ve got so much good stuff just looming over the horizon, if only we can get over a couple of humps.

Oh well.

I did take a break this evening for dinner and, after that, played a little bit of Catan.  Nick told me that his sister found a free online Catan game, so I downloaded it last night and Amanda and I played each other this evening.  She beat me and another random player pretty badly.

Zach Dotsey