Okay, so it was hardly even a shuffle, but Milly took her first step today.  She was between the kitchen table and the wall and was making her way around a chair to come towards me with her puffs cup in her right hand and her left on the chair.  She put her left hand down for a moment and I was able to coax her towards me, and she took a little half step!  Then she dropped to her butt, of course.  Amanda was on the other side of the table and didn’t get to see the actual step, but honestly she didn’t miss much.  Still, it’s cool to see progress.

I talked to Andra today, and she said her family might not make it here for Milly’s birthday.  I mean, I can’t get too upset because it’s hard for us to get to her kids’ birthdays (but that’s mainly because they’re close to Thanksgiving and Christmas), but I was looking forward to having them with us for a few days.

Work wasn’t as tough as it was yesterday.  Scott was able to do one of the things I was working on, which freed me up to do one of the larger things and a couple of the smaller jobs.  I spent a good bit of time working on a list of leads for Travis, which I hope to be able to have him start on tomorrow.

Amanda and I played a little Catan this evening, and she won again.  I’ve won once since downloading that game and she’s won all but once.

We didn’t have small group tonight.  Between people being out of town, people visiting, sick babies and a lack of babysitters, it just didn’t work out.

Zach Dotsey