Amanda spent a good chunk of the day reorganizing our largish walk-in closet.  It was quite a task, as it’s been… I don’t know how long since the floor of that closet hasn’t had any pile of clothes on it.  I guess it was probably after Amanda’s surgery when her mom came to stay with us and did something about it.  When Milly was born, my parents, who came straight from Lexington, Kentucky and stayed at our house before going to the hospital the next day, offered to take all the clothes to a laundromat.  I was too embarrassed for them to even look in there to take them up on the offer.  (They knew about it because I had warned them not to look.)  Very sweet of them though.

At any rate, Amanda spent a lot of time on it and she said we need to keep each other accountable about keeping it straight.

At this moment I’m finally getting around to transferring all the music I had on the old laptop to the new one.  I can never get the Homegroup to work right with any consistency even though both computers are on Windows 7.  It seems like I have to set it back up every time to get it to work, which isn’t difficult, but it’s more of  a pain than just clicking on a file to copy things over.  So I copied it all to an external hard drive the other day and now I’ve copied them over to the newer laptop and am importing them all into iTunes now.  It really seems like there should be a better way to do all that.

Milly didn’t take any more steps today (half or otherwise), but I did forget to mention a first yesterday.  I held her arms over my shoulders so she could ride on my back and ran around, which she absolutely loved.  We did that for a bit again today.  Also, right before we put her to bed, Milly was trying to play with her mom’s earrings, so Amanda took them out and gave one to her.  After playing with it for a bit Milly tried to put it back!  It was so cute and sweet.  I mean, all she was doing was sticking it back in Amanda’s hair in the general area of her ear, but it was still cute.  I took that one from her and Amanda gave her the other earring and she tried to do it again.  Such a smart little girl.

Work was still busy today, but like yesterday much of it was prep work to try to make things easier in the future.  I spent a good bit of time getting things together for Travis and we have a meeting set up for next week with an existing client.

Amanda and I played Catan online together tonight.  I dominated that game and won with 12 points to Amanda and another player’s 7 and 5 I think.  That’s pretty dominating.  The guy was from Indianapolis and we talked a good bit of hoops.

I realized today that I haven’t really talked much about the news, so I’ll just mention a couple big things going on right now.

A few weeks ago there was an oil rig accident in the Gulf of Mexico that has ended up being, I believe, the largest oil spill ever.  It’s causing all kinds of ecological and economic problems for Louisiana and Alabama, places along that coast.  BP is in serious trouble over it.

An award was given to the man who developed solar-powered cells that can be used as windows and mimic (somehow) the natural process of photosynthesis.  It’s also supposedly less expensive than most solar cell technologies, so I really hope it catches on.

The Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 10 conferences are considering shaking up their lineups.  It’s too complicated to go into, but if it happens it looks like Kansas and Kansas State are going to be left out of any power conferences.  It’s all about football revenue, which really sucks.  Kansas is one of the blue bloods of college basketball and it would really be a shame to see such a storied program end up at a nothing conference.

Zach Dotsey