I can start to feel my workload lightening already, or at least I think I can.  I still had a pretty busy day, but I feel comfortable assigning sales jobs to Travis, and have some good leads for him.  Just having someone able to follow up and follow through with clients, that’s going to be huge in several areas.  It’ll free me up to do a hundred other things I do or need to do and it should increase our conversion rate for design jobs.  Having talked with him some this afternoon he seems to be practically salivating at the chance to redesign a few existing sites.  I think we’ll be able to keep him busy.  Ideally, I’d like to have him able to do three or four sites a month.

I had to pick up my paycheck today and Amanda was meeting her grandparents for lunch, so I tagged along for that.  Normally I go to lunch too, but as busy as I was I was planning on staying home to work until I realized it was payday.  I went and met up with Peggy and Earl and the Frazelle girls, but I didn’t stick around too long to chat and Peggy and Earl dropped Amanda back off at home a little before 5:00.  Milly had missed her afternoon nap but apparently had been good the whole time.  She was wiped out for her evening nap as a result.  Amanda had to rub her back to wake her up, whereas she’s usually awake as soon as you open the nursery door.

Speaking of Milly, Amanda put her hair up in pigtails today, and when she was sitting on the floor she looked like a little girl (as opposed to a baby).

I went to a small group leaders meeting at Port City Community Church this evening.  It was the first one Amanda or I have been to since just before Milly was born.  (They’re held the second Thursday of almost every month.)  I went because they were taking collections of stuff for Haitian orphans and we had some things to take.  It also happened to be a state of the church address, which is pretty interesting.  I slipped out before the Q&A so I could get back to help out at home.  Amanda was making cupcakes for Milly’s birthday party on Saturday and couldn’t easily do that while getting Milly ready for bed.

After Milly was down and Amanda finished making cupcakes we played Catan and both lost.  I think it’s the first time we’ve played online together where neither one of us won.  Not that we cheat or anything, but we are pretty good.  Okay, Amanda’s pretty good and I’m just decent.

Amanda and Milly are planning on going to Richlands to meet little Abigail Erreca, the new baby of Amanda’s old friend Sarah and her husband Mike.  I may or may not be going- depends on how I feel about work.  I mean, I’d end up working at her parents’ house the whole time except for when we’re meeting the Errecas for lunch, but still.

Zach Dotsey