Milly and I played ball in the hallway for a little bit today.  Even though she’s relatively power forward-sized right now, given her parents’ genetics I’m going to guess she’ll be more point guard-sized by the time she’s done growing (if she’s lucky), and I have to say, her ball-handling skills and passing abilities are pretty well-developed for a one-year-old.

I mentioned this at small group tonight and decided to assign all the babies basketball positions.  Henry Nowak is too old for the team, so I didn’t count him.  Maybe he could be the coach.  His sister, Lauren, I assigned the point guard spot since she’s smallish (though when I saw her this weekend I noticed that she’s lengthening out).  I put Jacob Johnson at the shooting guard position, though that depends on Baby Cain when he or she gets here.  Jacob might slide over to the wing while BC takes the two-spot.  We’ll see.  Milly, as I said, I have at the power forward and Felix Kay I’ve got as the center.  The kid’s only about six months old and is already wearing 12-18 month clothes.  He may have mobility issues, but it seems he’ll be able to clog up the lane pretty well.

Anyhoo, at small group we finished up the Love & Wars series and discussed (some) what we’re going to study next.  We’re going to have a social over here next week.

Travis landed his first sale with us today and was pretty excited about it.  I spent a good bit of the day trying to get in touch with clients from the website we bought back in November.  I’ve talked to a few before, but we found a way to get in touch with more of them so I was working that.  We were also contacted by a company with a very interesting proposal.  I’ll be talking to them tomorrow.  I was a little skeptical of it at first, but after hearing back from them after my first response to them, my interest is very much piqued.

Ben Lambeth called tonight.  It was mainly to wish a belated happy birthday to Milly, but we spent some time catching up.  It was good talking to him.  Even though it was a bit past her bedtime, Amanda talked to Jessica for a bit after I got off the phone with Ben.  I also had a text conversation with Joe Rumley tonight.  Popular night to catch up with people, it seems.

Zach Dotsey