Amanda, as you might recall, traded her full work day from Monday, for Milly’s birthday, to today.  So this Wednesday today was a Monday for me.  Milly was pretty good though, despite having to change two diapers due to poop literally within half an hour of each other.  Though to be fair, one of them was after a nap so it may have been there for a little while.

Work actually went pretty well today.  I helped Travis put together his first project scope and I think a few of the non-design leads that I’ve been working on (hosting, mostly) are looking good.  And that’s good, because I need to get things moving since this month is half over.  Where the heck did it go?

Tonight when Milly was eating she looked at Amanda and said something.  I have no idea what it was, but there was all kinds of inflection and tone changing going on in it.  It really sounded like she was telling her mommy something, like a story or an opinion.

Zach Dotsey