My second Father’s Day happens to coincide with my good friend Jason Revill’s birthday.  I sent him a Facebook message, but maybe I’ll give him a call in a minute when I finish this.  And yes, today is my second Father’s Day; Milly was exactly a week old last Father’s Day.  I’ve had more than one person say something about it being my first Father’s Day today, but it’s an easy mistake.

My dad had gone to Lexington this weekend for an eighth grade reunion or something like that.  I talked to him (and Baba) right before he left to come back to North Carolina.  I also got calls from Mom, Erin and Adam.

This has been a bit of a mixed day for me.  Church was good.  They didn’t have the Cruisers room at Grow Zone, which is for the babies who can crawl but aren’t walking yet.  Last week they had us put Milly with the little babies, but this week she got to hang out with the walking kids.  I told her that while I was hoping she’d start walking today for me, she shouldn’t start walking in there.  And she didn’t.

On the way home Milly was very fussy.  It was a little past her nap time and Dr. Hill said she might feel bad a few days after her shots.  We decided to stop by Panera for some breakfast before going home, but that was a mistake because she started crying and would not stop for anything.  And of course it took forever to get the food, we were behind slow people coming home and we hit a bunch of lights.  It put me and Amanda both in a bit of a mood, but we got over it.

Michael came over to ride with us to Amanda’s grandparents’ house in Beulaville.  We got Milly up after about an hour’s nap and drove up there.  Wasn’t nearly as bad as the ride home, though Milly did get a little fussy towards the end of the hour-long trip.  The Frazelles, sans Hannah who was coming back from helping at a youth camp, were there before us and Amanda’s parents got there just a little after.

We hung out, ate lunch, hung out some more.  Peggy and Earl just recently bought a new TV and Michael helped set their remote up.  He and Amanda had to explain/convince them to use the satellite’s controller instead of the new TV controller, since the satellite’s remote can’t control everything.  Michael ended up talking his grandpa to swap TVs with him.  Apparently they’ve got the same one except that Earl’s can hook up to the internet, and he said he’s never going to get internet.

I started feeling a bit bad there, or maybe on the way there.  My skin was a little sensitive and tingly and my head started feeling a little swimmy.  Since I didn’t feel good, Amanda drove on the way back even though she drove there too.  Milly and I snoozed on the way home.

Milly hadn’t eaten much today, so we let her have a bottle tonight.  She didn’t finish that either though, so her not eating much might not be because of having switched to sippy cups yesterday.  She had a giant explosive poo that filled up her whole diaper when I got her up at 7:30.  She was pretty playful after eating what she did eat, but she also went right to bed when we put her down.

Amanda and I wound down watching some TV.  We watched the first two episodes of a miniseries called Persons Unknown, which is about a bunch of people who were kidnapped and are being held captive in a small town from which they are not able to escape.  It’s intriguing thus far.

Zach Dotsey