Dr. Hill said yesterday that Milly can be weaned off the bottle, so today Amanda made her formula and put it in a sippy cup.  I carried Milly downstairs and showed her the sippy cup with the formula in it and she immediately started crying and smacked it out of the way.

Okay, I thought.  She just needs to realize that there’s formula in it.  So I went to the kitchen and poured the formula into one of her bottles, the green one that has is angled near the mouth, then brought both items back into the living room.  I poured the formula from the bottle to the cup with her watching and tried to give her the cup, but she got angry again, grabbed the nipple and put it on the bottle then tried to drink from it.  It was so sad and adorable at the same time.  It was impressive, too, because she was able to put the top right on that bottle.

We went ahead and let her drink from the bottle, but we tried it again this evening with some new sippy cups Amanda bought.  These had a more nipple-like top centered on the lid, so it’s more like a bottle.  She still got made though, until I was able to stick it in her mouth and have her clamp down on the nipple so she’d taste the formula.  Once she had a taste and realized what it was, she was cool with it.

I met with Scott and Travis at Panera this morning.  It’s the first time they’ve met each other in person.  We talked business stuff until some time after 11:00 at which point the rest of Scott’s family arrived and treated me and Travis to lunch.

After I got home Amanda, Milly and I went to the mall.  Amanda decided on another gift for me for Father’s Day, but I kind of had to be there to help pick it out.  As you might recall, I lost my wedding ring a little while back, so she thought it was time to get another one.  We looked at four different stores and ended up buying the one I liked at the first store.  I think it was a Kay Jeweler.  There was another one I liked just a little better at one of the other shops, but it was more expensive and it cost more to get a protection plan thing on it.  Anyway, they didn’t have my size so it’ll be in in a few weeks.

Milly made some Father’s Day gifts her her grandfathers this afternoon then took a bath because she made an awful mess of herself.  Amanda and I let her wander around in the nursery a bit.  She really loves climbing into her rocking chair.  Once she got a little bored up there she and I went downstairs (Amanda was rearranging baby clothes) and I put on a Baby Einsteins baby sign language DVD Adam and Renee (Renee picked it out) got her for her birthday.  She didn’t learn anything yet, but she seemed to really like watching it for a while.

Speaking of watching things, Amanda played some Veggie Tales for Milly while she was sitting at the table and (sporadically) eating breakfast this morning.  She’s seemed to enjoy it before, but she was smiling and bopping to the songs today.

After Milly went to bed Amanda and I showered then watched Friday Night Lights.  Tomorrow I celebrate my second Father’s Day.  As I type this I’m watching There Will Be Blood on TNT.  Not quite the same as watching the movie on DVD, especially since the commercials are so much louder than the movie, but man is Daniel Day Lewis a rotten bastard in the film.  So good.

Zach Dotsey