I did end up updating this site to WordPress 3.0.  I had some issues with using the automatic update, but I did a manual install after that and it fixed everything.  It was late by the time I got it all sorted out though, so I didn’t have much time to look over the new features.  I played with it a little, but as I was finishing I heard Milly cry, but it wasn’t a regular cry.

Milly sounded really upset, and Amanda and I thought she might have gotten her leg stuck between the bars of the crib, which happens sometimes.  That wasn’t it though.  Amanda thought maybe Milly had a nightmare, but I smelled some pretty bad poo and figure she just had an explosive one.  When I was cleaning her up she seemed apprehensive about having her tush wiped, so I’m pretty sure that’s what it was.

We’ve got a lot of work coming in lately, so I’m really glad we’ve got Travis around.  It would be getting nigh unmanageable again right now without having him dealing with new sales and design jobs.

One thing I have gotten to do lately that I enjoyed is updating the company blog.  I’m hoping to be able to keep keeping up with it.  It’s something that should help keep the site ranked at the top of search engines, and maybe it will make Twitter useful as far as marketing the company goes.

Amanda took Milly to the doctor for her one year checkup today.  I’ve gone to almost all of her checkups, but I didn’t go today so I could keep from getting behind.  It’s a good thing, too, because it took a while for Milly to get seen.  She’s now 21 pounds and I think Amanda said 29 inches.  Something like that.  That means she’s grown a bit since her last checkup, but only put on one extra pound.  We were also told it was okay to start giving her milk instead of formula and that she can start eating meats, so it seems we’ve bought our last bit of formula until the next kid comes along.

In other Milly news, it seems like every day she may or may not be emulating sounds.  This morning it sounded like she was copying Cobb’s meow, and there were two or three other times throughout the day that it sounded like she was trying to say something Amanda or I had said to her.  One was “flower” and another was “thank you.”  I can’t remember the others.  I’m fully aware that I could just be hearing what I want to hear, but it is fully possible that I’m not, too.

In more other Milly news, she took a couple steps today.  Literally a couple: two.  And they weren’t back-to-back.  But they were steps.  What we’ve been doing is putting her walker just out of reach.  She’s already up and in the mode to walk with the walker, so we’re just trying to prompt her to do it without.  It would be so cool if she decided to really start walking on Sunday.  That’s Father’s Day.

Amy, Amber and Eli came over tonight for dinner, a game and some TV.  Nick went out bowling with some guys from his and Amy’s small group, so really it was just me hanging out with a bunch of women and some babies.  We ate and had a discussion about vaccinations then played Settlers of Catan after the babies went to bed.  Amber was winning for most of the game, but Amanda pulled a power move, playing a Monopoly card for some ore then trading a bunch of it in to build two cities and take the win.  It was a close game though.  In most games of Catan it seems that someone gets stuck not being able to get any resources, but we a got them relatively steadily throughout the game.

I actually tried something a little different this time.  It was a bit of a gamble, but I ended up doing pretty well.  There was one intersection with three sheep resources intersected with some high proability numbers; 6, 8 and 9.  I took that with my first move, and with my second I took the sheep port, which happened to be on another sheep resource (a 10) and a wood with something of a lower probability, a 3 I think.  Anyway, I got sheep out the wazoo and, with the sheep port, was able to trade a lot of it in.  Like I said, I didn’t win, but I was definitely in the game.

After Catan there was talk of watching a movie and we ended up watching a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.  Amber had seen some of the show and liked it and I don’t think Amy had ever seen it.  They ended up taking Amanda’s How I Met Your Mother DVD collection with them when they left.

Zach Dotsey