This was absolutely one of the cutest things Milly has done so far.  One of the things we got Milly for her birthday was a Sweet Pea; it’s a little baby doll that goes inside a pea pod.  Amanda was rocking it in her arms then gave it to Milly, and Milly started rocking it in her arms.  Oh, I can’t describe how adorable it was!  She did it one more time after that, but of course as soon as I got the video camera she wouldn’t do it anymore.

The rest of my day went better than my morning did.  I wasn’t able to get everything done that I wanted to today, but I did get a good bit done.  Amanda wasn’t feeling great when she got home, but she did make noodles for us all.  I tried feeding some to Milly, but she wasn’t having it.  Her appetite doesn’t seem to have returned yet, and she’s not drinking all of her formula whether it’s in a sippy cup or a bottle.

Amanda wanted to go watch a movie in bed together after we put Milly down to sleep.  I didn’t really feel like doing that, but I acommodated her anyway.  She ended up just turning on the TV instead of watching a movie and I just messed around on the computer.

Zach Dotsey