After a setback this morning, the Sippy Cup Rebellion made great strides this afternoon when Milly drank all the formula from the sippy cup.  In the morning’s campaign, the Sippy Cup Rebels were able to trick the Bottle Loyalists by slipping actual milk into the formula for the first time with great success.  The two opposing factions fought to a standstill this evening when the battle began in favor of the Sippy Cup Rebels with the tide later shifting back to the Bottle Loyalists after a period where no progress seemed imminent.  Despite momentum swinging towards the Bottle Loyalists, not all the formula was disposed of this evening.

What I’m saying is that Milly will sometimes drink from the sippy cup, and sometimes she’ll drink from the bottle.  The tide’s changing though, and I feel confident that she’ll be off the bottle for good before too long.

Amanda still wasn’t feeling great today, but we were having small group at our house and, since I had a meeting (quite a successful one at that, I might add) and enough work to keep me busy, she still had to work on cleaning up a bit and getting salad ready for tonight.  After I put Milly down for her evening nap I helped by taking out the trash and sweeping, things like that.

Over small group dinner we discussed, among other things, what study to do next.  We’re going to watch a video series from Willow Creek Church.  I have no idea where that even is, but I chose to do a series on the family, since we’ve all got growing families.  Hopefully it will be a good one.

Amanda went to bed as soon as everyone left.  I cleaned the kitchen and went upstairs when she called me.  Turns out all she wanted was the channel changed.  You know what though?  Instead of grumbling about her calling me all the way up to the bedroom to change the stinking channel, I thought about the last series we did in small group and pointed out to myself that Amanda was really not feeling well and it was a good opportunity for me to serve her.  See?  This stuff, if taken to heart, really can do things to improve one’s life and marriage.

Zach Dotsey