Amanda definitely needed her rest today.  She was still sleeping in bed when I went upstairs to get a shirt around 11:15 to head off for lunch.  I assume she got up shortly after that, since she did wake up then.

Lunch was basically a small group guys get-together, though Joel was having a date with Mia today so he didn’t join us.  I think Mike put it together though, and I’m glad he did.  It’s something we should probably try to do at least once a month.

We ate at a place called Olive Branch, pretty close to Reel Cafe.  It was pretty good, but it was small and we ended up eating outside.  It was in the shade but it was still hot.  Not unbearable by any means, but hot nonetheless.  There was a dog that was hanging out with us that looked a bit like a small version of Harvey.

I got home and fed Milly.  Amanda was downstairs at that point, but she said she felt lightheaded when standing up so she hadn’t gone to get Milly.  It was a little after 12:30, but she wasn’t making noise yet.

Speaking of feeding Milly, the Sippy Cup Rebellion is in a bit of a repeating pattern.  She sees the sippy cup and cries but still drinks it anyway, at least for a minute or two.  She then refuses to drink it anymore and fusses about it until she gets a regular bottle.  We’ve started putting a small amount of milk with a lot of water in the regular bottle, and I think it clicked this evening that the taste wasn’t as good in the bottle.  Of course, that meant that she didn’t really want either one.

I don’t know why she’s so resistant to the sippy cups.  She’s been drinking juice from them for months.

At any rate, I was pretty busy with work this afternoon and have been working on a new design here and there throughout the night.  Amanda went to bed as soon as we put Milly down again.

We have a tub of Cetaphil in the nursery in case we need it and Milly likes to play with it.  She can’t open it up, but I’ve noticed a couple times today that after handling it she’ll wipe her hands together, even though none of the lotion is on the outside of the container.  I guess she sees what Amanda and I do with it and is copying that.

Zach Dotsey