Milly’s so awesome.  She woke up early this morning and fussed a good portion of the time that she wasn’t eating until I put her down to nap, then she woke up half an hour early from her morning nap and, same thing, was fussy unless she was eating then, too.

But this evening I had finished feeding her some apple sauce and I was watching her sit on the living room floor stabbing her little plastic spoon at the shallow plastic bowl, trying to find some apple sauce to scoop up after she had scooted herself out of my lap.  She was oblivious to me as I was lying on my side with my right elbow on the floor propping up my head, marveling at how a few months ago she couldn’t climb out of anything, much less my lap, and now here she was developing skills to feed herself.

Amanda was looking at me looking at her and told me, “I like the way you look at her.”  I had a tear forming in my eye that I was trying not to let out.  Maybe she noticed that, I don’t know.

And Milly has learned how to give kisses.  I think she was doing it some yesterday, but she’ll do it when you ask her to (usually) as of today.  She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out a bit then puts her mouth on you, so I’m not sure if she learned from watching Bruce and Harvey or if one of the boys she hangs out with taught it to her (I’m looking at you, Eli Warkentien!), but it’s adorable.  It’s the most precious thing.

Amanda got the last kiss this evening from our baby girl.  After I’d tucked her in and asked for one she took the paci out of her mouth and stuck it in mine.  But that’s okay, I’ll get one tomorrow morning.

Zach Dotsey