Oh, right, the rest of my day.

So, you remember how we had some fraudulent charges on Amanda’s check card?  A couple days ago we found out that one of the people Amanda works with, one that she often eats lunch with, also had some fraud on a card.  I looked through all the places Amanda had eaten with people at work over the last couple months and narrowed it down to a few restaurants.

Well, tonight I just happened to catch a news story that hackers had been able to steal a bunch of credit card numbers from PT’s Grille.  The story said that the FBI had checked in with PT’s and that they are now secure, but that answers that question.  I recorded the segment on the DVR for Amanda.  I went upstairs to see if she was awake, but she was out and I didn’t want to disturb her.

Most of the rest of my day was spent working.  It was a busy day and I’d have been going nuts if not for having Travis to do a good portion of what I used to do.

I did go out to help Polly Clawson set up her new laptop.  I got rid of a bunch of the crap programs that came with it, saved her a few bucks by downloading Open Office, a great and free alternative to Microsoft Office and got her network situated along with a few other little tweaks here and there.  After that I picked up my paycheck then worked, worked, worked.

I did take a break to watch Persons Unknown with Amanda after we put Milly to bed.  It came on Monday, but Amanda’s gone to bed really early every day this week so we hadn’t had a chance to watch it.  She’s feeling better, but still not 100% and she ended up going to bed after we watched the show.

The NBA draft was tonight.  Despite a lot of talk lately about Brian Zoubek, neither he nor Jon Scheyer (nor Lance Thomas, though, bless him, there wasn’t much talk about his pro prospects) was drafted.  How odd that a team can win a national championship and not have a single player get drafted.  Well, hopefully they’ll be able to get on with some team via free agency.

Zach Dotsey