The Sippy Cup Rebels made great strides today.  There was some resistance initially when the subject spotted the sippy cup, but it was just a quick whine.  The sippy cup was administered and the subject accepted the entire six ounces of the payload.  Of the four battles fought today, the Bottle Loyalists only won one, though upon seeing the mood of the subject after acquiescing that particular battle, one wonders if the battle could have been won afterall.

That is, Milly drank from the sippy cup for all but her final feeding today, but in that last one she hardly even drank from her bottle at first either, so maybe she would have taken the cup.

Oh, I did get a kiss this morning when I got Milly out of the crib.

I feel like I got a good bit accomplished today.  There were a few middle-sized projects that needed to be done and they were all finished, or at least my part of them was.

Amanda’s mom, Karen, arrived this afternoon.  Amanda’s brother, Michael, is moving into a new apartment tomorrow and she’s here to help out.  Of course, Amanda’s dad is coming down to help tomorrow too, so I guess Karen just came early to hang out and see Milly.

The three of them; Amanda, Milly and Karen, went out for a bit this afternoon, which aided my productivity.

Not a whole lot else went on today.  We had tacos for dinner and after Milly went to bed Amanda and I watched Friday Night Lights while Karen read the paper or something.

I don’t want to go into any details (in part because we really don’t know everything that’s going on), but we’ve got some people we know who are going through a tough time, so I’d like to pray for them.  Maybe I’ll post some specifics once the situation isn’t so raw.

And speaking of prayer requests, Bonnie, from across the street, is having surgery to remove cancer next month, so we hope the surgery gets everything and that she comes out of the ordeal healthy.

Zach Dotsey