Everyone in the house was up at about 8 this morning.  I went outside to mow, Karen went to go help Michael start moving from one apartment to a new one and Amanda took care of Milly.  Milly seemed to spend a good deal of her time standing at the back door watching me mow, at least while I was in sight of the door.  When I finished mowing I raked and swept the back patio, but Milly was gone, having been put down for her morning nap.

Amanda went to get some McDonald’s biscuits for breakfast and after we ate I was ready to head out to help Michael move.  The only thing was that Amanda had some running around she wanted to do to get some things for our trip to Kentucky, and since Milly was sleeping and would be for a while she couldn’t take me and I’d have the car for a long while.  I went across the street to see if Bonnie would mind sitting in our house for a bit while Amanda ran me over to Michael’s apartment, but Bonnie said she’d just take me.

I think part of the reason Bonnie wanted to drive me over was so she could talk to me about watching the dogs.  She said she’s supposed to be resting, but things have been stressful lately and she’s just not good at telling people no, the poor thing.  So, to that end, she’s not going to be watching the dogs for us, which is fine, of course.  I think we’ve got something lined up now though.

So my job in helping Michael move was to help out with the big, heavy stuff.  The idea was to keep Phil, Amanda and Michael’s dad, from doing much heavy lifting because his shoulders or his back (I’m not sure which and I think I heard both) have been bothering him.  He still ended up helping with some of the heavy things, but I was in on all of them.  Michael, of course, helped too, and even Jenn got in on some of it.  She was actually a big help in getting the washing machine up the stairs at the new place.

For the record, bringing things down one flight of stairs is so much easier than taking things up two.

Anyway, it was really hot today, and between the mowing and the moving I probably lost twelve pounds in sweat.  (Hyperbole, obviously.)  Michael had bought a case of water for everyone, Amanda and Milly delivered some pizza and Phil bought some beers before lunch.  All that helped refresh us, but it was still hot and I was still sweating like crazy.  Amanda finally let Milly have her first taste of meat today, which was a small bit of ham from a ham and pineapple pizza.

I helped unload a few things on a second trip, but by that time all the really tough, heavy things were upstairs.  I left with Amanda and Milly and took a nice, long shower followed by a nap when I got home.  I felt drained all day and got a bit of a headache, which I attributed to still not being quite hydrated enough, though I drank several glasses of water throughout the day.

Karen and Phil stopped by before heading back to Richlands and Amanda and Karen went out to Costco only to discover that they closed at 6:00.

Milly was all about some Nana today.  She kept wanting Karen to hold her this evening in particular.

After Amanda and I put Milly down to sleep (and apparently ruining her day by clipping her fingernails) Amanda decided to watch the Lost finale again.  It’s been on the DVR for a while because she wanted to see how she felt about it after a second viewing.  When it was done she said she still wish they’d answered a few more things, but that she was at peace with it.

The Sippy Cup Rebellion might just be over, with the Rebels victorious.  Milly drank from a sippy cup for all her feedings today and never once complained that she didn’t have a bottle.

Zach Dotsey