We got up and went to church this morning.  Amanda decided to give Milly pigtails, which I am always a fan of.  It’s just so cute!

After we got home we put Milly down for a nap.  They said she’d been good in Grow Zone and she didn’t complain until we were almost home.  She went right to sleep.  Amanda made us some bagels with egg and cheese and ham.

We got Milly up and fed her a few minutes early so we could go out and pick up some birthday presents for Gavin Holloman, who was celebrating his third birthday in a little room at the movie theater at Mayfaire.  The party was Toy Story-themed and Dana, Gavin’s mom, went all out, making cookies and cupcakes that looked like characters and things from the movies.  Seth, Gavin’s dad, had a Buzz Lightyear outfit and came in dressed up in it, but Gavin told him he wasn’t Buzz.  I don’t think Gavin’s reaction was quite what Seth was hoping for, but we adults enjoyed it.  Milly really enjoyed the cupcakes.

I finally met and had conversations with Seth’s siblings, Brent and Millie.  (Spelling the name with an “-ie” instead of a “-y” is the accepted norm, but it feels so odd to type that now.)  I’d actually talked to Millie briefly before, and she said I seemed familiar, but she didn’t really remember me.  And I’d reached out to Brent on Facebook a few weeks ago just because we have a ridiculous number of friends and acquaintances in common, so it was odd that we didn’t know each other.  But now we’ve met and he’s shared his iPhone 4 with me.  (I really want one of those.)

After the birthday party just about everyone else went to see Toy Story 3, but figuring Milly isn’t ready to sit in a theater that ling yet, we just took off and went over to Anna and Barry’s.  I’d told Amanda this morning that I really wanted to go surfing if there was anything out there since I knew it would be a little while before I’d get another chance to do it.

Well, it started thundering before we got to Wrightsville Beach, and when Barry and I walked out to look at the water there was some killer lightning off in the distance.  We hung out at the house for a bit and Milly got to play with Anna, Barry, Hannah, Kirsten, Maddie, Christian and Micah.

It finally did rain a little and the weather quickly passed, so Barry and I went out for a bit.  It wasn’t too bad out.  The waves weren’t breaking quite right, but I managed to catch a few anyway.  While Barry and I were out in the water, Amanda, Anna and Milly went for a walk, but not on the beach since the wet sand would have made walking on the beach a pretty tough chore.

Milly went right to bed when we got home around 6:00.  She’d only had one nap today and that one had been cut short.  Despite that, she was pretty good all day.  It might have helped that she had all kinds of junk food at Gavin’s party and she ate a lot during her time at the Frazelles’.  She was still tired when I got her up at about 7:45, but she was so sweet sitting in my lap drinking from her sippy cup (no bottles today!) and watching the end of Knocked Up.

Zach Dotsey