I’m considering getting a Flickr Pro account.  A few years ago I got an account with Exposure Manager, and I’ve really enjoyed having that.  I get unlimited photo uploads and storage for $80/year.  The nice thing about it though is that I can set prices to sell photos online with that service, which was great when I was selling photos.  I haven’t actively pursued that in a while though, so paying extra for that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now.  What got me to thinking about it though was that I was having issues uploading the photos the way I always have.

A Flickr Pro account is only $25/year and also allows for unlimited photos uploads and storage.  On top of that, there are plugins I can use to integrate the pictures with this website.  The only real drawback is that I’ve got six or seven years of full resolution photos on the site, and it will take me forever to load them all back up on a new system.

So, Milly and I had a fun morning, and that’s not sarcasm.  We walked to the grocery store this morning (well, I walked, she rode in her big comfy stroller, sipping a milk and formula mix) because she hadn’t pooped at all yesterday and we didn’t have any food that was specifically helpful in alleviating that particular state, so I picked up some prune and oat baby food for her.  Does that not sound disgusting?

Anyhoo, Milly finished her drink in the grocery store, so I picked up some orange juice and poured a little for her (watered down) along with a long john that we split (she only had about three bites) while sitting outside before heading back to the house.  I’m thinking that might become a Monday morning tradition; walking to the store with Milly and grabbing a doughnut.

She was pretty good for me today.  Playful, talkative, not too fussy.  We watched her sign language video after Milly had her lunch.  She was pretty engaged in it for the most part, though she hasn’t picked up any new words yet.  Not that I’d expect her to so quickly.

We put Milly back in cloth diapers for the first time in a while today.  The problem we’ve had is that she kept getting rashes, and rash cream isn’t good for the cloth diapers.  Amanda found and got some that is fine with it, so hopefully we’re good to go on that front now.

I almost got an iPhone 4 tomorrow.  I mentioned to Scott how frustrating it is to use my first generation iPhone sometimes and we got to talking about phones.  A new shipment of the 4’s is being released tomorrow and Scott was going to come down here to upgrade both our phones, but it was going to be extremely hard to work out.  When I called AT&T about it they said their doors were opening at 7AM and that I should probably be there at 5AM to get in line for it.  That would be all well and good, but Scott wouldn’t be able to get down here to Wilmington for a while after that, so I’d just be sitting in the store clutching two boxes for who knows how long.

It’s not just a gadget-happy thing, wanting to get a new iPhone.  Baba doesn’t have internet and isn’t close enough to a wireless network for me to piggyback a neighbor’s internet, or at least that’s what the case was two years ago, last time I was in Lexington.  The first generation iPhone only has access to the painfully slow Edge network, and it’s almost useless for loading websites.  Checking email is okay, but that’s about it.  The new iPhone 4 has a 4G network, which is lightyears faster than the Edge network.

At any rate, I suspect I’ll get a new phone before long.  It would be really great to have for the Kentucky trip, but it’s just not looking like it’s in the cards.

We’ve got a sitter lined up for the boys.  It was a little stressful, but it looks like it’s all worked out.

Amanda made us ham, egg and cheese bagels for dinner.  After Milly went to bed we watched a bit of TV and she went to bed around 10:30 after talking to her mom for a bit.

Zach Dotsey