Milly was fussy today.  When we got back from small group and asked Kirsten how Milly was, she said she fussed a little but was pretty good.  Then she told us that Milly had a whole sippy cup of milk (we usually feed her half of one), finished a can of baby food and ate another then had some puffs on top of all that.  I guess Milly was upset because baby was hungry!  Maybe she’s hitting a growth spurt.

Amanda took the Jetta in to the Volkswagen place today.  Lately the air conditioning has been not working when you accelerate.  I think all they ended up doing was topping off some fluids, but it’s working much better now.

Amanda’s college buddy Robin Crabtree stopped by today.  She’s been wanting to move to Wilmington for a while and had some job interviews.

I cleaned out the fridge tonight, at Amanda’s behest.  (She asked as she was going to bed.)  As I had nothing really productive to do, I didn’t feel I could turn down the request, especially since we’ll be packing for our Kentucky trip tomorrow and Barry said I should go surfing tomorrow evening, which Amanda was fine with.  That means she’ll be doing most of the work while I go off and have fun.  She’s the more efficient trip packer anyway.

It took me about half an hour and a couple gags (particularly when I uncovered what I think might have been leftover steak, but I’m not 100% sure), but the fridge now has some space.

Zach Dotsey