I might have another post on here in a couple weeks with the same title.

So here’s the deal.  Scott and I talked a little via email last night about how my phone is crapping out so badly, but it looks like Verizon, which has better coverage than AT&T, will be picking up the iPhone in January.  I thought, okay, great, let’s wait until then.

Then this morning I couldn’t even get rid of deleted voicemails and muttered something to Scott about that, so he told me to look around for some 3GS iPhones.  They were in stock at Best Buy and the AT&T store, so he said I could go pick one up.

Here’s the thing: there are three 3GS models.  There’s a 32 gig, a 16 gig and a new 8 gig, price $199, $149 and $99.  Scott told me to get a 16 gig, but when I sat down to talk to someone at the store, I said something about how it’s a shame they were out of iPhone 4’s because it seems silly to pay $149 for an outdated model when the newest one is only $50 more, but my phone is going out on me and I need it for next week.

The associate I talked to said, “Well, you could just buy the 8 gig, pay the 10% restocking fee and order the 4.”

What a great idea, I thought.  So I called Scott and asked if he minded that, and he said it made sense.  I even offered to pay the $60 difference ($50 more for the phone, $10 restocking fee), but he said not to worry about it.

So this is going to be like Christmas in June and Christmas in July for me.  I get to upgrade from a first generation 4 gig iPhone to a 3GS, which is a pretty huge difference as far as functions and speed go, and then a couple weeks later my iPhone 4 will come in, which has even better features than the 3GS.  What a great time, huh?

To add to how great my day has been, I did end up going surfing while Amanda worked on packing for our trip to Kentucky.  It was rainy and windy for a bit, but Barry said it looked like it would calm down and be fun, so I went on out.  Parrish Stikeleather was there, and to be honest, I was a little jealous of how well he was surfing, given how little he does it.  I did pretty well myself though, catching some nice little waves and getting some good turns in.

And let me tell you, there’s no feeling like surfing in the rain.  It’s such an awesome experience.

Amanda’s day was not as fun as mine was.  After I got home from getting my phone, she went out to take Cobb to the vet.  He was due for a checkup and some vaccines, but we also got them to check out a dander issue he’s been having, and it turns out he’s got fleas.  We’ve been bad about giving the animals their drugs, and it’s caught up with us.  I think there was also an infection or something, but now he’s got pills to take for a couple weeks, and his back just in front of his tail is shaved.  And then, of course, Amanda came home and worked on laundry and packing mixed in with some Milly watching while I worked (then played).

Speaking of Milly, we’re going through milk a lot faster now.  Last time I went to the grocery store I got a half gallon of milk because I figured we wouldn’t go through it before leaving for Kentucky, but I had to go get some this morning.  Milly and I had a nice walk to Lowe’s Food where we picked up some milk, some Rice Cripsies (they were on sale and I thought, very rightly, that Milly might like them), and a long john.

So we loaded a few things up in the car already and we’ll be heading out tomorrow afternoon.  I’m very glad that our house will be watched over.

I talked to my dad this evening and he said he’s leaving tomorrow night, too.  He and Erin will be leaving sometime in the evening, stopping by Charlotte to pick up Andra’s crew, then head on to Lexington.  It sounds like they’ll be there around 3 or 4 in the morning, whereas Amanda and I hope to get there between 11 and 12.  Dad’s leaving early because the father of one of his good friends, Pat Paine, just died and the funeral is Friday, so he wants to be there to show Pat some support.

That’s all for now.  I’m going to try to get a little work done to lighten tomorrow’s load.  I really hope Milly travels well.

Zach Dotsey