Busy morning at work, of course, since I was trying to leave.

Left the house at about 1:45. Kept going back in to get things. Bruce and Harvey are going to miss us, but I think it made things easier for Bruce that we kept going back in the house.

Enjoyed having GPS. Don’t have to worry about missing turns. Also gives a pretty accurate ETA.

Milly started getting a bit fussy around Greensboro and Winston-Salem. We stopped at about 7:00 to refill the gas, get some food and switch drivers (to me). Milly ate and fell asleep a little while after. She’d wake up now and then to let us know she was unhappy at finding herself still in the car, but there were no major issues.

The trip went pretty smooth altogether. We hit some standstill traffic around Siler City (caused by people rubbernecking at the other lane) and made just a few stops. The first was to give Scott, my boss, the old iPhone. The second was the one I mentioned earlier and the final was when we were about 30 miles from Lexington. I was getting kind of tired and needed to stretch my legs and get something to drink.  (Chose orange juice.)

We made it to Baba’s house at about 11:30. We put Milly down then talked to Baba for a bit before heading up to bed ourselves. She didn’t realize that we came completely separate from the other crew: Dad, Erin and Andra’s clan. They were due a few hours after us. Mom’s flying in from Rochester tomorrow and Adam is coming Saturday.

Baba mentioned Pap a little. She knows he’s gone, yet thinks he’s upstairs. I didn’t know what to say to that.

Milly woke up and screamed like she was teething when Amanda and I went to bed. I took her for a drive to try to soothe her, but she was screaming again when I put her back in the pack & play. She eventually stopped and went to sleep.

Zach Dotsey