Dad, Erin, Andra, Josh, Jackson and Addison got in around 3, though I didn’t hear them at all.  Poor Jackson had some cavity work done a few days ago and developed a sore on his lip, possibly where he chewed on it when it was numb.  He’s having to gargle salt water on it to help it heal, and the kid is not liking it at all.

Amanda, Erin and Milly Dotsey; Josh, Andra, Addison and Jackson Sawyer going for a walk in Lexington, Kentucky Dad and Baba to Pat Paine’s dad’s funeral.  The rest of us walked to a shopping center near Baba’s house to get some things from the grocery store, but we ended up having lunch at a pizza place there as well.

I attempted nap. Milly was upset and I think was about done crying it out, but Dad got her up to go to the Quinns’.  I was tired enough to just about have fallen asleep through Milly’s noise, too.

Milly got to play in a swimming pool for the first time today.  She and Addie spent most of their time on a floating chair.

This is the first time I’ve been to Lexington since both Pap and John Quinn have died.  I missed them both.

We went to a Friday Mass, which we’re told was partly in Pap’s honor.  It didn’t last too long and our group literally made up half the attendance, but you don’t expect a lot of turnout on a Friday afternoon.  The babies were good and spent most of their time eating Cheerios.  Someone almost backed into the rental van Dad was driving.  I laid on the horn pretty hard and stopped them.

Amanda, Erin, Josh and I stopped by the grocery store again to pick up drinks.  Erin and I stayed in the car while Amanda and Josh ran in.  I got Milly to give me a kiss, but she gave it to me a little unexpectedly and Erin was a little weirded out by it, given how Milly kisses and that my mouth was a little open.  My thinking: She’s a baby and didn’t mean to lick me.

We ordered some Sir Pizza, as is a tradition of our first night in Lexington.  Erin was going to pay for it but I couldn’t find her card (which she gave me when we went for the walk) so I paid for it.  Our cousin Shelby and her boyfriend, Andrew Blazewski (sp?) showed up at same time as pizza. Dad was out with Jackson and Addie getting Mom from the airport.

As we usually do when visiting Lexington, we spent the evening hanging out on the porch and talking.  After Shelby and Andrew left and Mom and Dad went to their hotel (our family’s getting a little large to all stay at Baba and Pap’s, I guess) and the kids were put down, Amanda and I introduced Erin, Andra and Josh to Puerto Rico.  Poor Erin just could not pick up on the game until towards the very end.  It didn’t matter though; Amanda won.

Zach Dotsey