Walked to store again. 2.39 miles roundtrip. Erin bought everyone smoothies. Jackson walked with me. We were behind everyone else, but enjoyed talking with him. Told him I liked him and he asked me why.

Adam and Renee there when we got back. Mom and Dad, staying in hotel, showed up and took kids for a short walk.

Erin and Jerry Dotsey with Addison Sawyer at the 4th of July Parade in Lexington, Kentucky Went to downtown parade (Milly’s first parade), bumped into Pat and Peggy Paine and Charlie Bowsher. Pat and Peggy’s niece said Milly was prettiest baby she ever saw.

Milly, who hadn’t napped, got fussy so we left with Adam and Renee. Put her down when we got to Baba’s and she stayed down until 5:30.

Spent time hanging out on the porch with Adam and Renee and Dobja. Went in and talked to Baba. A friend of hers stopped by with flowers and potato salad.

Everyone else eventually came home with chicken, green beans and baked beans. Mom fed Milly chicken (Milly’s first chicken) and she liked it. Shelby came over.

Milly and Addison kind of played together in the den.

Milly Dotsey heading off to her first sleepover Mom and Dad offered to take all the kids so we could all go out. Amanda did better with it than I thought she would. Really hope Milly didn’t keep everyone up all night.

Took a while getting out the door, but we all (Amanda, Erin, Adam, Andra, Josh, Renee and I) stopped by Shelby’s apartment then went downtown to a bar called Richmon’s. Downtown crowded for fireworks, but ended as we were parking at about 10.

Bartender wasn’t very good, but music and company were. Had such a fun time.


Amanda, Adam, Renee and I left about 1:30. Gas light was on in the car but didn’t pass any stations on the way back to Baba’s so we dropped off Adam and Renee then went to the closest gas station we knew. Closed and didn’t take cards at the pump. Mandy (GPS) told us another gas station; also didn’t take credit cards. Crazy!

Finally found one that did. Nervous about making it because of stupidly long light cycles.

Zach Dotsey