(Like Home Alone.  Yeah?  No?  No.  Oh well.)

I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up to Milly crying rather loudly at 5AM.  I went upstairs and changed her diaper and put her back down, but she was up and crying again shortly after.  Amanda headed downstairs, but the crying didn’t bother me much.  Sleeping with a pillow over one’s head, which I often do, tends to dampen sounds.  She did keep crying for a bit, but it didn’t bug me enough to get back up and go back downstairs.

I worked today.  A lot.  But I did get a lot done.  Not everything, but a lot.

Amanda was thinking about going to the beach or a pool, but Milly was pretty fussy.  She was about to put the Bug down for a nap when she decided that maybe Milly would like to play in her baby pool, so the two of them hung out on the patio for a bit, Milly splashing around in the pool, Amanda cooling her feet in it.

We were going to have Travis and his fiancee, Mona, over, but Mona was coming off a very long work week so they took a raincheck.

We will have some guests coming this weekend though, in the form of my cousins Jeff and Eleanor.  Ellie is visiting Uncle Roy in Rougemont and Amanda said something to her about getting someone to bring her down to Wilmington this weekend.  We’re of a mind that the weather will be better for them on Saturday, but it sounds like they might be coming Sunday.

Nick called me tonight to see if I could go let their dog, Max, out of the house and give him some food, so I did that.  Here’s the story on that:  Amy and Eli are going to visit Amy’s family for a couple weeks in Michigan and were slated to leave from Myrtle Beach this afternoon.  To that end, they, along with Nick and his sister, Amber, went to spend some time together in Myrtle Beach before taking off.

Well, they had some car trouble, and someone who worked at the place the car was taken to was nice enough to take Amy and Eli to the airport.  Then the flight got delayed two hours.  Then it got pushed back to tomorrow, so Amy was given a room to stay in for the night and the rest of them stayed as well.

Nick and Amber will be back tomorrow (assuming Amy’s flight is ever able to take off), but I, not really thinking ahead, locked Nick’s spare key in the house.  Fortunately I gave Max a little extra food, but the poor dog will be very attention-starved.  He was elated to see me when I got there.

Zach Dotsey