I got up at 9 this morning and was going to mow the lawn, but the grass was wet.  I actually went so far as to check online what the prevailing wisdom is concerning mowing a wet lawn and found that it actually doesn’t hurt anything, but you can get green stains and if your blades aren’t particularly sharp you end up not cutting everything, so I let it go.  I did go out to the front lawn and cut some tall weeds, which is really the only reason anything looks like it needed cutting anyway.

Milly in the Atlantic Ocean Amanda, Milly and I went to Wrightsville Beach this morning, getting there at about 11:30 I think.  We talked to Anna and Kirsten for a bit then went on out.  Milly played with a shovel and a pail for a little bit, then we decided to take her out to the water.  The waves were calm (though there were some surfers catching a little shore break) and the water was a comfortable temperature so we set Milly down in the shallow water.  She really enjoyed it.  She splashed around a bit and seemed to just like sitting there.  Amanda showed her a fiddler crab and after a bit I walked Milly out past the breakers (not very far out).  She wasn’t too into that though, so we went back to the beach blanket after that.

Milly had been at the edge of the ocean before, but it had always been too cold to put her in, so this was the first time she got to really play in the ocean.

I left the girls to go get my head wet.  I swam around a bit and did a little body surfing.  The water felt so good, and the water was pretty clear.  I opened my eyes under water and could see pretty well.

We were out on the beach for about 50 minutes before Milly decided it was time to go inside.  We hosed off at the Frazelle house then Amanda gave Milly a bath while I dried off in their hammock.

Milly hadn’t taken a morning nap and was a bit fussy on the way home, but when we got out of the car we found that Milly had just nodded off.  We had to pick up a few things, but since she was cranky we were going to drop her off at the house first then I was going to go back out.  If we’d realized she was already asleep we’d have saved a bit of gas.  As it was, I carried her upstairs (she woke up when I got her out of the car and fell back asleep when I put her in the crib) then I went out to get dog food and some parts for both of our toilets, which were both having their own separate issues.

Amanda spent a good bit of the afternoon cleaning up the house.  I helped a bit then “rested” on the couch once she started on dinner.  Dinner, by the way, was with Travis and Mona.  Milly was working on some leftovers when they arrived a bit before 6:00 and she ate throughout the adult dinner.  She ate so much that we didn’t bother giving her anything else at her usual 7:30 late dinner time.

Travis and Mona had to leave to get something they forgot at home and got back just as we were about to put Milly down for the night.  After she was down we introduced them to (what else) Puerto Rico.  Not only did they really seem to have a lot of fun with it, but they picked up on it quicker than any other people we’ve introduced it to.

Amanda’s winning streak in Puerto Rico came to an end tonight, as I switched up my strategy and won by, what, about six points?  She was second though, with Travis then Mona finishing out the order.  They stuck around to chat for just a bit after the game, but Mona was coming off an 11 day work streak and was tired.  I think it was about 10:30, a little after maybe, when they left.  Amanda was in bed shortly after.

Jeff and Eleanor should be here tomorrow afternoon.

Zach Dotsey