Apparently Mike and Sarah Nowak talk about how hot I am to each other after small group every week.

It was a joke, of course, but hey, I thought it would be fun to mention.  For small group tonight, we actually ended up going to Boombalatti’s for ice cream and discussed questions from the game Would You Rather.  That one sprang from a long branch off of a question of whether you’d rather be a gorgeous person of the opposite sex or an ugly person of the sex you already are.  Interestingly (or not), the general consensus was to be a gorgeous member of the opposite sex.

We went out tonight because the series we’d decided to watch and discuss that was on North Point Church’s website was no longer there.  We had a lot of fun though, and I’ve decided that Joel Kay should become a motivational speaker.  Dude’s got some absolutely positive things to say about surgery.

Other than that, busy-ness at work continued, though I think I’m about to get my head back above water.  Amanda gave me an excuse for an appreciated little break from work today.  While I was in Kentucky I downloaded a shotgun ap on my iPhone.  There’s really nothing to it; you move the phone up and down to load the gun, point it and jerk it back to have it make a firing noise.

Well, Amanda got the ap on her iPod and came into the office and shot at me, so we got into a little shootout with both of us running and ducking and hiding behind doors.  It was stupid fun.  She says she won, but I think I came out ahead.

Milly really loves eating yogurt.  It’s just about the only thing she wants to eat these days.  In fact, there’s a bottle of mashed pea baby food that I found yesterday and have been trying to feed her, but she’ll have none of it.

She had some good times, but she was fussy a lot today.  Kirsten, who babysat her tonight, thinks she might be teething.  I think she may be having or starting to move on from a growth spurt.

On the plus side though, Amanda, Milly and I were out on the back patio this afternoon (because being outside was the only thing making Milly happy) and I got her to walk around holding just one of my hands.  We walked out into the yard a couple feet and back to about the center of the patio, but she got tired of it pretty soon after that.  Still, it was cute.  She also said “hello” again today, though it’s more of an, “ah-oo”.

Zach Dotsey