Milly’s been pretty good this morning.  I think she was trying to say “Bruce” when she saw a picture of our chihuahua while we were heading downstairs.  She ate pretty well this morning after I changed a very smelly and full diaper.  Milly also made some kiss noises when I made some at her, though she wouldn’t actually give me a kiss.

After I got to working, she came back to see me and sat in my lap on the floor for a minute.  Amanda was upstairs getting some clothes for her, and when she came back down I took Milly by one hand to help her walk to the living room.  Amanda came back and we both held one hand, and Milly seemed to enjoy that.  She walked all the way from my office to the middle of the living room that way, which is pretty good because she usually gets bored of walking.

Amanda was getting her dressed and Milly tried to put a barrette in her own hair.  She got the location right, but of course she didn’t actually get it in.

After that she crawled back to the office again, but she did her gimpy crawl because she was holding another barrette.  She crawled sideways through the door, which was pretty funny looking.  I played with her for a minute and put the barrette in my hair, but she took it out, put it in Harvey’s food bowl then put back on me, though she had it under my ear.

Amanda and Milly just left to get some biscuits for me and Amanda (and I’m sure Milly will have a few bites), but when Amanda picked Milly up Milly grabbed Amanda’s purse and carried it while Amanda carried her.  The girl’s all about some shopping, it seems.

Zach Dotsey